Peter Rabbit’s got some tricks up his sleeve

And apparently, so do you


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Today is the last day to get the original mischievous bunny, Peter Rabbit, for 25% off (SD and HDX). See, like Peter, we’ve got tricks up our sleeve too. And we’ve got 200 more tricks for you to dig up at 25% off if you hop on over our Family Sale before it ends tonight. So, channel the hare and not the tortoise, and jump to it.



This Peter Rabbit isn’t the garden variety Beatrix Potter bunny of 1902. This is a modern, 21st century rabbit with updated the tricks and antics, and he uses them hilariously to get into Old Mr. McGregor’s garden.


But it seems he isn’t the only one employing a bit of creativity to get his way. Based on a recent survey of 2,000 parents, it’s come to our attention that a little more than half of you seem to employ tricks of your own to get kids to behave – several a day in fact. (We see how it is…)


So have some fun and check out a few results from our survey before you check out Peter Rabbit. (Don’t worry, 95% of parents surveyed let their child watch movies & TV to get a break for themselves, so you’re not alone.)


Then gather the family around the home theater and perk your floppy ears up for the vocal antics of James Corden (Carpool Karaoke for the win!), Domhnall Gleeson, Sia, Margot Robbie, Daisy Ridley, Rose Byrne, Elizabeth Debicki, and more.