Pandora Comes To VUDU

I am a big fan of personalized service and VUDU just added one of the best internet music services Pandora to VUDU Labs. I don’t know who programs most of the internet radio stations out there, but with Pandora and their Music Genome project they seem to play what I like to listen to every time. At the same time you can rate a a song a Thumb Up or Thumb Down which further fine tunes the station to your liking.

When I went to VUDU Labs this morning and entered my Pandora login I was presented instantly with my station list along with their “QuickMix”. I was impressed with the sound quality for an internet streaming service coming though my AV receiver. No longer do I have to log into the computer and listen to music via tiny computer speakers.

When using Pandora on the VUDU you can still rate the music, bookmark, skip forward, etc. Everything you do on the VUDU with Pandora will be reflected on their website though your Pandora account.

Now the real question is how does a station sound with: AC/DC, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, John Williams, Gregorian Chant, Queen, Enigma, and Miley Cryus sound? Ask my kids who messed around with my Pandora on the VUDU this morning! But not to worry Pandora on VUDU supports mutiple accounts.