Celebrating Sequels With VUDU

Another Summer of Sequels

Well the summer movie season is upon us. Look at the summer movie schedule and you’ll see X-Men, Star Trek, Terminator, Night at the Museum, and Harry Potter. I was thinking why not get ready for these sequels by re-living their predecessors?

Well last weekend we had some friends over and we watched X-Men The Last Stand on the VUDU to get ready for Wolverine. We had a lot of fun and it was the first time some of the folks over actually saw this movie and also their first experience with the VUDU. They loved the VUDU’s ability just to select a movie and start watching instantly.

This weekend we are doing some of the Star Trek movies to get ready for Star Trek coming out next week. Hopefully we will live long and prosper before the May 8th release of the new Star Trek movie!

Oh and don’t think I forgot about the kids. Ice Age has another come coming out this year also. The kids can’t wait and I am sure they will watch the fist two movies at least 10 times before they go to the movies to see the sequel.

This just in: VUDU Rocks Costco

Well this is really exciting. Costco is now selling the high end VUDU BX1000. For those of you that don’t know about this one the BX1000 is the high end VUDU box that has a bigger hard drive and is designed for the home theater enthusiast. Right now they are only available through the Costco.com web site. Check it out here.

VUDU Collections

It’s no secret that VUDU has the largest video on demand library and the easiest interface to find movies. But what if you just aren’t in the mood to search though over 14,000 titles in the library?

Well the folks at VUDU created “Collections” of movies that have some kind of common themes. There have been collections based on holidays, movie awards, etc. This week I found a Jim Carry collection that includes a lot of his works including the most recent “Yes Man.”

There are also collections from VUDU employees like “Shorn’s Secret Stash”. This week he has spiders as his topic.

I find collections to be a fun way of exploring movies on the VUDU and have found some real gems going though them on a regular basis. I was wondering what would a collection look like for April 15, tax day? Hmmm…

Anyone else have ideas for a VUDU movie collection. Just let us know!

Spring Break And Spring Cleaning

Well it’s going to be a busy week at our house. Spring break is now here and we have no plans for travel so everyone is in spring cleaning mode. So how do I make this mandate for cleaning up the home and yard apply to the VUDU?

Well to start off I have over 150 movies on my VUDU’s wish list and it would be good to “clean” some of them out by watching a few each day. That would definitely take some time. I just don’t know how I am going to explain that one to the wife.

Also there are all those pictures and videos we took between the start of the school year to last weekends trip to Notre Dame University that needs to edited, put into albums, etc. Ah an real out for physical labor. I can use the excuse of sorting the pictures to be put into Picassa or Flickr. Our videos can be edited and put up in to YouTube so our relatives can view them via the internet.

These are defiantly some good time consuming tasks and I can tell the family that they can now see the pictures and videos on the VUDU in the VUDU Labs. Yes spring cleaning was never so much fun. Darn I wont have time to clean up the basement or the garden!

Pandora Comes To VUDU

I am a big fan of personalized service and VUDU just added one of the best internet music services Pandora to VUDU Labs. I don’t know who programs most of the internet radio stations out there, but with Pandora and their Music Genome project they seem to play what I like to listen to every time. At the same time you can rate a a song a Thumb Up or Thumb Down which further fine tunes the station to your liking.

When I went to VUDU Labs this morning and entered my Pandora login I was presented instantly with my station list along with their “QuickMix”. I was impressed with the sound quality for an internet streaming service coming though my AV receiver. No longer do I have to log into the computer and listen to music via tiny computer speakers.

When using Pandora on the VUDU you can still rate the music, bookmark, skip forward, etc. Everything you do on the VUDU with Pandora will be reflected on their website though your Pandora account.

Now the real question is how does a station sound with: AC/DC, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, John Williams, Gregorian Chant, Queen, Enigma, and Miley Cryus sound? Ask my kids who messed around with my Pandora on the VUDU this morning! But not to worry Pandora on VUDU supports mutiple accounts.

VUDU Rocks! Part Deux!

As I promised a few weeks ago I would continue on why VUDU Rocks! Well today let me give you a few more reason’s why:

Only VUDU gives the option of HD content in your choice of quality HD and HDX. HD allows for instant viewing on a 4 mbps internet connection while HDX takes approximately 4 hours before you can start watching the movie. But VUDU allows you to rent/purchase directly from their web site so your movie can be waiting for you when you get home from work. If you really want to see what HDX can do for a video try out Speed Racer in HDX for the visuals and sound. It is really impressive.

VUDU is the only one that has option to purchase HD content from select studios. Also these studios allow the rental/purchase the same day as the DVD is released. Check out FirstLook Studios, Kino, and Magnolia Pictures when browsing the VUDU catalog. Whats really cool is that FirstLook Studios are offering credit for the standard definion purchase price for those that purchased the SD version and upgrade to the HD/HDX version. You can read more on how this works at the FAQ.

VUDU has a open platform for online internet content. Choose from stuff like: on demand TV, picture sharing sites Picasa and Flickr, YouTube videos in HD, and a few game distractions. Since this platform is based internet standards the content is only limited to the imagination of whoever is providing the service.

Two iPhone applications. One for browsing the VUDU movie catalog, you can also rent, purchase and buy if you like. The other application is for using you iPhone to remote control the VUDU XL. Here is a link: VUDU iRemote. This one was written by a fan of VUDU and is available on the iTunes store.

And last but not least VUDU has the largest catalog of movies spanning all genres and decades. You would be hard pressed not to find something not to watch on the VUDU. I can tell you that my movie watching habits have been changed forever by this alone.

VUDU at Snowmodo

One more thing before I sign off. Our friends at Gizmodo are having their Snowmodo Reader Meetup at Tahoe. Hagan from VUDU will be there and there is a raffle like last year and a VUDU box will be given away. If you are in the area and like to board or ski check this one out. If you do go let me know who Hagan does on his board. I still think I can out ski him.

Well that it for now so go look for that special movie on your VUDU!