Summer Blockbusters

Greetings from VUDU Desert Command in Joshua Tree, California — land of coyotes, huge boulders, curious tortoises, starry skies, and of course one VUDU Internet Movie Player getting a workout chewing through summer movies. If you haven’t been on your VUDU in a while, you’re missing out on some huge summer blockbusters such as:

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Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk
Hellboy 2
The X-Files: I Want to Believe
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
and more.

And coming December 9, 2008 from Warner Brothers Pictures:

Bring on the 2 hour security lines and overbooked flights I say!

In my position at VUDU, my life is frequently lived on airplanes and in hotels, which is why the revelation I had last night in the San Jose Airport was shocking to me.

After a quick return of my rental car and a short check-in at the Alaska Airlines kiosk, I walked to the security line and was pleased to see there was no one in line, and with two security lines running, not a passenger in sight! Perfect – no one to bother me, hold me up, bump me, or in general, annoy me!

No hassles, no long unexpected waits as the poor TSA person tries to explain for the 5th time why someone really needs to remove their shoes, or why liquids must be removed from their bag, etc… This is going to be a great travel evening. And it was.

But then it struck me. Wednesday evening may not be a boom time for travel out of SJC, but it was only 6:00 PM, and there are plenty of folks who commute to Seattle, or make the frequent one and two day trip to LA or Denver or SLC or…

“Where were they all I thought?”

Just as this quick thought raced though my mind, the normally dry crusty TSA guy who I’ve seen dozens of times, cracked a slight slight smile and said, “Thanks for traveling through our small airport, we need it…”

Wow, it sank in!

Though I despise the times I have to wait in long security lines, and the hassle of traveling along side Ma and Pa who don’t get out that often and are befuddled with the whole procedure of air travel, when people travel they are spending money. Some are sacrificing to see friends, family or go on that last special trip.

But unfortunately as I think through my travel experiences over the last 3-4 weeks, I have seen a noticeable down turn in traffic. Other than the road weary corporate warriors like me, I’ve not seen Ma and Pa.

Is this a real world economic indicator? Well I’m no economist, but it seems like one to look at, which if true, has me boldly proclaiming,

“Bring on the crowds, bring on the masses, please cancel my seat because you are overbooked by 20 due to strong demand, bring it on!”

Now mind you, I will be just as frustrated (and willing to tell you about it) when the usual hassles of air travel return, but there will be something inside me that smiles as I know the world is getting back to spending money and living life. The economy is rolling again! And that should make us all happy!