They’re not conventional, they’re not pretty, but when you need a messy job done right their the only team that’s up to the task.

They may be called The Expendables, but this band of rough and ready mercenaries always have each other’s backs.

He’s taken down the Green Goblin, tangled with Dr. Octopus, and now the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler is about to face his most dangerous foe yet: himself.

Prepare for a thrilling, high-flying encounter with the dark side of superheroics in Spider-Man 3.

They told her she doesn’t have the look, they told her she doesn’t have the star quality, but she knows she’s got the moves no matter what anyone says.

Get ready for big hair, bigger dreams, and showstopping performances in the timeless teenybopper musical Hairspray.

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Everyone loves movies and TV, and nothing gets kids excited like watching their favorite characters embark on a new adventure. Whether you’re watching together as a family or letting the kids watch on their own, Kids Mode lets you browse and enjoy all the family-friendly titles in your collection while keeping any age-inappropriate content out.


As you learned in our earlier post here, we’re working with Common Sense Media to provide accurate, in-depth movie reviews to help inform your decisions on what your kids watch. Common Sense Media also provides minimum age recommendations, so you know which movies are right based on your kid’(s) age(s).

Kids Mode is a feature powered by these CSM age recommendations that lets you curate your collection to browse only the titles in your library that fit the age range you set. In Kids Mode, you can browse together for a family movie night title or let the kids watch on their favorite devices and only the age-appropriate titles will be viewable and watchable. Everything else will be invisible until you exit Kids Mode.

You also have the option to include free titles that fit your designated age range, and the ads that play during free titles are also screened to ensure age appropriateness. Your kids can search our thousands of free titles for fun new movies and TV without you worrying about any age-inappropriate content sneaking through.


To make sure your kids are browsing and watching only the age-appropriate content in your library, set an optional 4-digit PIN to restrict anyone from exiting Kids Mode. Kids Mode settings are separate on each device you use, so you can enable the PIN protection only on the devices where you need it.

With PIN protection, you can rest easy knowing your kids have the freedom to browse and play their favorite titles without accessing anything outside the designated age range or outside of your collection, even when they’re navigating without your help. If you forget your PIN while using Kids Mode on a mobile device, simply entering your Vudu password will allow you to exit Kids Mode.


Kids Mode is currently available on iOS/Android devices, Samsung TVs, Vizio TVs, LG TVs, Roku, and Xbox One. Because Kids Mode is set-up separately on each device, you can use it where you need it and ignore it where you don’t. Once Kids Mode is set up, you can easily toggle back and forth between Kids Mode and normal Vudu browsing by using the Kids and User buttons when you first enter settings.

Watching together, letting the kids make their own choices, and discovering free family entertainment just got safer and easier thanks to Kids Mode. Find answers to all of your Kids Mode related questions here, and get more info on all our helpful new family features here.



They thought an enormous hurricane, treacherous flood waters, and an untimely injury were the biggest obstacles to their continued survival. they thought wrong. The real problem has a lot more teeth.

Slip into the murky depths and get ready to fight for your life against the massive, bloodthirsty gators of Crawl.

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Not all scary things go bump in the dark. Some unspeakable atrocities take place in brightest daylight, where there’s nowhere to hide and all you can do is watch.

Bear witness to the slow descent into sunny, cheerful chaos as a group of researching students try desperately to survive past Midsommar.


Remake musical history with Yesterday, unwrap the world’s most terrifying toy in Child’s Play, or serve up an intergenerational beatdown with Shaft.



We know you want to share the magic of movies with your kids, but you’ve also let us know that you want to protect them from seeing age-inappropriate content. That’s why we’re working with Common Sense Media, the most trusted name in family entertainment recommendations, to provide reliable, in-depth ratings and reviews for the movies your family wants to see.


Since 2003, Common Sense Media has been the go-to resource for millions of parents seeking appropriate entertainment for young viewers. CSM is independent, nonprofit, and maintains the world’s largest library of age-based movie ratings and reviews. Their goal is to provide all the necessary information so families can make informed decisions about the movies their kids watch and enjoy.

Common Sense Media’s ratings are the result of unbiased, detailed analysis of each movie by experienced expert reviewers, paying special attention to age-appropriateness and potential for learning. The reviews are based in national childhood development criteria and research focused on how kids learn and develop based on the media they consume.


Unlike other ratings systems, Common Sense Media provides far more than a simple general rating and content warnings. Each movie is assigned a minimum appropriate age based on its overall content and set developmental guidelines, letting you know at a glance if the film is appropriate for your child’s age. These rating can be easily found right on the movie title page of thousands of CSM reviewed movies under Parental Guide, so there’s no need to open new tabs or go searching to find out what you need to know.

In addition to overall age recommendations, our Common Sense Media reviews include specific content categories that alert you to the presence of adult themes and content like violence, language, and sexual situations, plus other parent-minded themes like positive messages or role models, and consumerism.  Each category contains a 0-5 rating to let you know what (and approximately how much) to expect from your viewing experience.

To give you even more specific details, each review includes a detailed What Parents Need to Know section that candidly presents the movie’s pros and cons in subject areas that matter to you. This section is written with a parent’s perspective in mind, with nuanced descriptions and tips to help you make the final call.

Common Sense Media age-appropriateness ratings even allow you to restrict which of the movies in your collection your kids can browse and watch with Kids Mode. Look out for our full Kids Mode blog post later this week for the full scoop on this exciting feature that protects your kids even when you’re not around.

Whether you’re looking for an animated adventure suitable for toddlers, an action-thriller that’s safe for tweens, or a hilarious comedy for the whole family, Vudu and Common Sense Media are here to help you pick a winner. Get more info on all our helpful new family features here.


We’ll be highlighting some of our favorite Common Sense Media rated titles with themed collections to help you kick off the perfect family movie night. This month we’re commemorating the start of football season and hitting the gridiron with new and classic football movies.

Just scout out the collection here, click on a title that catches your interest, and scroll to the bottom of the page for a full review and recommendations. From kid-friendly picks like The Game Plan and Gus to more mature fare like Friday Night Lights and Jerry Maguire, Common Sense Media will help you make the right play and score big with your family.



We here at Vudu are always looking for new ways to make your family movie nights magic, and our new Family Play feature is the perfect way to watch the movies you want without the objectionable content you don’t.

When you watch one of over 500 eligible titles, turning on Family Play lets you skip over content you deem inappropriate for your family like substance abuse, language, violence, and sex and nudity. You can select which types of content to skip and leave the rest in, and even set a four-digit PIN to prevent younger viewers from turning off the feature.

Get more details about this innovative new viewing option here, and read on for some awesome recommendations of Family Play eligible movies you can watch for free right now on Vudu.

In space, no one can help you survive. Two stranded astronauts are about to learn this the hard way when they are cut off from communication with Earth while performing routine maintenance, and they’ll have only each other to depend on if they ever want to see home.

Witness the majesty of space and the intense drama of Alfonso Cuaron’s outer space epic without any undesired content when you watch Gravity with Family Play.

Forget everything you thought you learned in school about what lies beneath the Earth’s surface. A trio of explorers are about to head down below to have a look for themselves, and what they find is a world beyond anything they could have imagined.

Go for the wildest ride this planet can offer when you take a Journey to the Center of the Earth, and rest easy when you set Family Play to skip over anything you don’t want to see.

Bully’s can come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they need to change sizes to get a fresh perspective.

The Ant Bully is a fun-filled, shrunken down adventure that the whole family can enjoy, and if you want to be extra sure that your viewing meets your standard for age-appropriateness then Family Play has got you covered.

There are plenty more free family play eligible movies where those came from. Look for the “FREE WITH ADS” label in our full Family Play collection here.