Thriller up Your Weekend with These Strong Male Leads

Falling Down

man sitting with no shoes in front of city buildings

Falling Down shows what happens when a day goes from bad to much worse. The movie stars the talented Michael Douglas in the role of a normally peaceful guy who’s lost his job and just wants to get to his daughter’s birthday party. But when all of his frustrations bubble to the surface in the middle of traffic, he explodes and goes on a violent rampage across LA, lashing out at every wrong – and annoying – thing he sees. This is one intense and surprisingly humorous journey you won’t want to miss.


man holding guns against bright light

Equilibrium tells a dire dystopian story with unique visionary style. The film takes place in a world where emotions are outlawed, which includes the ban of art, music, and literature. The talented Christian Bale stars as a police officer who enforces these harsh laws. But when he misses a dose of his emotion-blocking drug, his eyes open to see – and feel – things like never before. What will he do with his new-found reality?

The Prestige

two men talking in the street

The Prestige may be one of the most magical movies of all time. The film stars the amazing Christian Bale yet again alongside Hugh Jackman. The two start out as magicians who work shows together until a trick goes terribly awry, driving a huge wedge between them. What was once a partnership leads to a serious rivalry as they go further and further to sabotage each other. But what is the true cost of the most convincing illusion? Be sure not to blink while you watch the trickery unfold.

The Arrival

man standing in desert

The truth is out there, and Charlie Sheen is out to find it in The Arrival. The film stars Charlie in the role of an astronomer who discovers an alien radio signal and gets fired as a result. He soon realizes there are many more hidden forces at work, so he sets to get to the bottom of the dark conspiracy before it’s too late. Do these aliens come in peace?


New to Own

Trolls World Tour

Different trolls on stage

Bring the party home with Trolls World Tour! You can now own the colorful adventure along with a special dance party edition to take the rockin’ times to the next level. Watch Poppy and Branch explore fascinating troll worlds, meet all new trolls, and learn some important lessons along the way too.

New to Rent

You Should Have Left

dad and daughter on dark staircase

Solve the latest horror mystery in You Should Have Left, which is now available with Theater at Home. The film centers on a family staying at a remote house in Wales so the father, played by Kevin Bacon, can write his next film. But the isolation and haunting secrets of the past soon take over their lives, forcing the whole family to face the truth – no matter how terrifying.

Valley Girl

girls in bright colors sitting under tree at school

Take a trip back to the colorful 80s in Valley Girl. This fun comedy musical remake tells a story as old as time. When valley girl Julie falls for punk rocker Randy, her whole world gets flipped upside down. Everyone around her says he’s far from Mr. Right, but Julie has to follow her heart – all while rocking big hair, loud outfits, and navigating crazy dance numbers.

See how Valley Girl stars Jessica Rothe and Josh Whitehouse helped bring the 80s to life in this exclusive clip:


girl with green hair and guy looking at each other

Babyteeth tells is another story of challenging young love. The Australian dramedy follows a seriously ill teen named Milla, who falls head-over-heels in love with a drug dealer. While her parents lose their minds over their daughter’s newfound love, Milla finds that it’s given her new hope and passion that she has to take as far as possible – while she still can.

TV Sales

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In the mood to revisit some of your favorite animated TV shows? Hang out with the most zany spies you know in Archer, or the most patriotic dad of all in American Dad. Craving more? Check out all of our other awesome animation deals before they’re over.

The King of Staten Island Brings Big Laughs with a Heart to Match

tattooed guy with his arms stretched out

The King of Staten Island has finally arrived and is now available to watch with Theater at Home. The highly anticipated dramedy centers on Scott, played by Pete Davidson, who’s reached his mid-twenties without much to show for it. He spends most of his days hanging out with his childhood buddies, working a dead-end job and still living at home. But when his mother meets a new man after years of being alone, things at their house change rapidly and Scott is forced to make a lot of major changes so his own life can start moving forward too.

Guys hanging out on couch talking

Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of The King of Staten Island with Judd Apatow:

The Talented Cast Keeps the Laughs Coming

There is no lack of hilarious talent in The King of Staten Island. Comedian Pete Davidson stars in and co-wrote the film, which is partially inspired by his life experiences. And Judd Apatow, whose previous work includes gems like Trainwreck, Funny People and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, co-wrote and directed the film. The cast also includes the hilarious Bill Burr and Marisa Tomei. So with all these years of combined comedic experience and talent, you’re sure to get all your laughs in and then some. But the film goes beyond that as it peels back the layers of jokes to reveal Scott’s internal struggles too.

Two men staring into the distance in back yard

The King’s Rise is as Difficult and Heartfelt as They Come

The King of Staten Island bring plenty of laughs, but it’s got some surprising heart too. Part of that is Scott’s relatability; he’s that friend we all had in high school who was always down for a great time and never took anything too seriously. And his endless dry wit and humor sure help too. But as we get to know Scott, we realize that he’s facing some real demons. Scott is still haunted by his father’s death, which has prevented him from creating a fulfilling life. Through the film he has to learn to overcome his crippling fears and cynicism, which is far from easy. These aren’t changes that will happen overnight. But that’s what draws us to Scott – he doesn’t have it all figured out and he makes tons of mistakes along the way. Just like we all do. So the film is more than just a good time with a bunch of funny people. It paints a realistic portrait of a multi-faceted, flawed guy who’s just like someone you know – maybe even yourself. And we can’t help but root for him to get back up every time he falls so he can rise to become the king of his castle.

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