Say hello to our new website

Newer, bluer, and better than ever


We came into 2018 like a wrecking ball, and are happy to announce we’ve already knocked out one of our first resolutions – to give you a brand new web experience.


We’re excited to introduce the redesigned, and we think you’re going to like what you see.


We’ve redesigned our site with you in mind – giving you new functionality, an improved user experience, and a smarter search so you can find your favorite movies & TV faster and easier.


Take a close look, you might see $100


Visit our new site; take it for a test spin. Maybe check out our 50¢ rental sale. With over 150 movies you can rent for just 50¢ each, it’s a pretty amazing sale. It’s, like, only the most amazing party favor ever.


Then, look for our new video on the homepage (also below). We hid a bunch of Vudu “V” icons throughout the video, and if you can spot them, you can enter for a chance to win one of ten $100 Vudu credits. Enter here. Complete rules and example, here. And be sure to look closely, there are a few that repeat and a few that are pretty hard to find. Take your best guess and have fun!



Do you see? This is Vudu changing, do you see?


We made a  good number of improvements so it may take some exploring to discover them all. Here are the bigger ones:



It’s not a Red Dragon-level change (thankfully), but our new look is the result of a lot of sweating the details and a dedication to ensuring everything you need is where you’d expect it to be. Our new site is designed to deliver an online experience that’s clean, stylish, and intuitive – and more representative of our commitment to giving you our best.


Tab? I can’t give you a tab unless you order something


For Marty McFly, Tab is refreshing. We feel they get in the way of getting you to what you are looking for, so, we, uh, we fixed the “glitch.” (I believe you have my stapler.…)



When you choose a title, you’ll now see renting and buying options, the trailer, and even digital copy redemption front and center. But more importantly, we have eliminated the tabs so information like cast and crew, reviews, and movie details are just a scroll away.



And our redesigned navigation rolls as smooth as Leo DiCaprio. We already mentioned we cut the tabs on movie pages, but we’ve also eliminated the secondary menu tabs that just stacked on top of each other. So, now you can find pretty much everything under Movies, TV, My Vudu, Movies On Us, and Redeem.


Our new search has a very particular set of skills


But unlike Liam Neeson, our smarter search won’t kill anyone. However, it will find what you’re looking for – and give you search suggestions along the way. It even organizes the suggestions by Movies, TV, and People.


Yup, you read that right. Now, you can even search people. Meaning you can search for that one movie that you know Jake Gyllenhaal is in, without having to think, “wait, is it spelled with two a’s, or one?”


There’s a lot of other little changes that you may not even notice off the bat except to think, “hey, this looks pretty sweet.” But as you explore, you’ll find that it’s easier to move around, and everything just looks and works better. Which is our ultimate goal – to give you the best experience possible. After all, you’re why we’re here.




Watch Geostorm, Thelma, and Last Flag Flying

Plus new to rent, TV series collections and free, family-friendly adventures


Oh hail no


Controlling the weather sounds great until you lose control of the system. A dark cloud has come over the Climate International Space Station as it goes from preventing climate catastrophes to causing them, and only one man can stop it – Gerard Butler.


Geostorm is out of this world, literally, as it takes the disaster epic into outer space. It’s raining special effects and jaw-dropping scenes of the world succumbing to Mother Nature. How scientific is it? We don’t know. But we do know that it’s an experiment that is fun to watch. Especially in 4K + HDR.


Scandinavian designed terror


Scandinavian furniture? Cool and inviting. Scandinavian horror movies? Not so much. But don’t get us wrong, Thelma (no Louise) is worth a watch. It’s a psychological/supernatural thriller/suspense movie that is as haunting as it is mesmerizing. It’s creepy, it’s dark, and it’s NR – because, you know, foreign films.


In the wind


Last Flag Flying is a poignant look at a father who calls upon his brothers (from the service…and other mothers) when his son is killed during his service. Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston, and Laurence Fishburne come together magically in this heartfelt story of reflection, patriotism, and the brotherhood. Get ready for the feels.


Now available for rent


The future is now, now that Blade Runner 2049 is available for rent. Check out this acclaimed sequel to the highly acclaimed original Blade Runner tonight.


Just how many ways can you die? Find out in Happy Death Day which follows an unfortunate Tree Gelbman (millennials, we can’t make it up) as she relives each day – and death – until she can solve her own murder. Hope you like gore. And 50 Cent.


And you can get frosty with The Snowman and Same Difference. One involves a serial killer who turns his victims into snowmen, and the other satisfies your Red Bull-fueled GoPro video binges and follows freeride, freestyle, and alpine skiers on some mind-bending runs. We’ll let you guess which is which.


Binge like no one’s watching. No, wait.


Oh, whatever, you get what we mean. Anyway, get your binge on with bundle pricing (limited time) on the complete TV series of Justified seasons 1-6, Rescue Me seasons 1-7, Masters of Sex (it’s not what you think, well, ok, kind of) seasons 1-4, The Shield seasons 1-7 (available in SD only), and The Night Shift seasons 1-4.


Honey, I entertained the kids. For free.


You know kids. You get them something and five minutes later they’re bored of it. That’s why we say, go for the free stuff. Like our Family Friendly Adventures collection on Movies On Us.


We’ve got 35 titles for kids to watch over and over again – why not, it’s free – including Barnyard (animated), Harriet the Spy, Gladiators of Rome (animated), Fred 3: Camp Fred, and more.


Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of free movies for you too. Check out Movies On Us collections like Survival of the Fittest, TV Buddy Comedies, Sundance Standouts, and more.





Watch Jigsaw, Bullet Head, and Thank You for Your Service

Plus, new to rent and free funny females


The piece de resistance


Is it the missing piece? The final piece? We’re not sure, but either way, we’re not here to play games – just watch them. Jigsaw is the eighth installment of the long-running Saw franchise and this one cuts deep. Jigsaw’s been dead for 10 years, but it seems like he’s still killing. Whaaaa? Freaky, right? Try not to hide behind a pillow as you watch revenge get served up cold – and by cold we mean bloody.


Bulgarian squatters


In Bullet Head, three thieves are forced to hide out in an abandoned warehouse while the heat dies down – only to find they’re not the only ones squatting there. Turns out another squatter with four legs is less than keen to share his digs. It’s men vs. canine killing machine – who will survive? Fun fact: The film looks like it could be Anywhere, USA, but it was actually filmed in Bulgaria (aaaand now the headline makes sense).


War, what is it good for?


There’s the heroism of war that we see in movies like Lone Survivor, Act of Valor, and Black Hawk Down. But there’s also the other side that we don’t see. The struggle to return to normalcy and civilian life. Thank You for Your Service is an adaptation of David Finkel’s non-fiction book of the same name, and a tough but engrossing look at those who come home from war, but still carry a piece of it with them.


New to rent


Check out these movies that just became available for rent.



IT comes in many forms, but this time, IT comes in rental form. So get penny-wise with Pennywise and rent it/IT.



Or be extra like the Millennials and get your horror from social media with Friend Request. Watch as a college student’s friends get killed off one by one after she unfriends a demon. (We’d unfriend a demon too. Ain’t nobody got time for that.)



You can also check out the more serious side of Jackie Chan in The Foreigner (don’t worry, he still does all his own stunts…at 63), watch the courtroom drama unfold in the true story of (eventual Supreme Court Justice) Thurgood Marshall’s early cases in Marshall, or get 20% cooler by renting My Little Pony: The Movie (make it the movie night mane event, bro).


Women Who Make Us Laugh, for free


Free is no laughing matter, but the female leads of these comedies are. Although, free does make everything more enjoyable. So maybe free is a laughing matter.



Watch Beauty Shop (starring the original Queen, Queen Latifah), Mystic Pizza (the pizza isn’t mystic, the town and the girls are), Young Adult with Charlize Theron (what if she grows up to be Atomic Blonde), Sundance Film Festival winning dark comedy Afternoon Delight (a mom tries to help a stripper, but the stripper helps her…aww), and more for FREE with Movies On Us.