Meet Ron

You might recognize a new name on the VUDU Blog, but Ron Vargo is an old friend. As a VUDU Evangelist, Ron will be appearing on this blog as well as in our forums helping answer questions about the service as well as our hardware as appropriate.

So who is Ron? Father of 5, Ron is a self-admitted “geek.” Ron says: “I love home automation and built my own software from the ground up in the late 80’s on a Mac 512e. Had my first home theater setup with LaserDisc and AC3 digital surround before anyone really knew what that was. Those were the days. My latest toys are playing with my Linux and Windows servers and desktop’s, PBX’s, Media Servers, VoIP, Wireless networking, a little bit of coding and scripting. I also like to edit videos from family photos and vacation videos.” (Hey Ron, you know you can upload to YouTube and then watch the videoes on your VUDU via VUDU Labs?)

“I find the VUDU to be like a time machine,” Ron says.

“I tend to go thought the catalog weekly and add items to my wish list. I start by searching by release year and I have my favorite categories such as SciFi, Horror, Comedy, and Action. It was great to search on 50’s and 60’s titles and find the movies from my Saturday afternoons on the VUDU. Going though the 70’s finding Omega Man and Rollerball brought back such rich memories of staying up late when the parents were sleeping on a school night. 80’s brings back the memories of dating my wife and college years. I watch about 3 to 4 movies a week. With the kids we kinda look only at the family category and my wife Sheri likes to see what is new on the VUDU,” Vargo said.

Look for Ron here and on our forums. Please be sure to say hello.

Valentine’s Day Sale!

Valentine’s Day, the holiest of Hallmark holidays, is just around the corner. How will you celebrate? You could go out to an expensive dinner, buy roses that will be dead within a week, and play the chocolate lottery with a box of questionable candy, but that’s what everyone else will be doing. Why not break the mold and spend the evening curled on the couch having a romantic movie night with one of these five enduring romantic comedies from Universal Studios?

VUDU has teamed up with our friends at Universal Studios to offer the following five films at a discounted price to own of $4.99 per film!

About A Boy
A Little Sex
Reality Bites
That Old Feeling
The Wedding Date

These films will only be available at this price for a limited time. Visit to read more about each film and purchase from the web!

Order Movies on the Go With the VUDU iPhone App

Continuing with our recent theme of giving our customers more and more convenient ways to discover and purchase movies, the VUDU Movie Catalog application recently appeared on the Apple iPhone App Store.

This application allows any iPhone or iPod touch user to browse or search the VUDU movie catalog and rent or buy movies. It’s perfect for renting an HDX film while you’re out so that it’s ready to watch when you get home or for buying that nostalgic favorite while it’s fresh in your mind.

For now, the VUDU forums will be the best bet for discussing the application and seeking support. Though to be honest, it’s so simple and straightforward, little support should be needed.

Oh yeah, the app is free for anyone to download and check out, but you’ll need a valid VUDU account to actually buy or rent any movies.

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