Now available: Ferdinand and The Shape of Water

Plus Coco and Oscar Nominees now available to rent


This bull is noble


The classic story of Ferdinand the Bull is brought to life in this feature-length animation featuring the voice of John Cena as the peace-loving, larger than life bull.


Join Ferdinand and his misfit band of friends as he journeys home to his family. You can buy this fantastically fun family movie tonight! Be sure to check back later this week for some fantastic and FREE activities to help you create a Ferdinand family movie night this weekend.


Be like water


Guillermo del Toro may or may not have been heeding Bruce Lee’s advice when writing the fairy tale story of love that is The Shape of Water. Fall in love with a merman? Weird? Maybe. But it’s not that far from a belle and a beast or a girl and a frog.


So set your skepticism aside and check out del Toro’s signature storytelling and amazingly crafted monster in this refreshing take on a love story – available now.


Oscar-worthy and Oscar-ready


Available to buy now, Call Me by Your Name is an Oscar nominee for Best Picture that is an exploration of boundless passion, with characters as open and sweeping as the northern Italy location where it takes place.


This week you can also now rent Best Picture nominees Darkest Hour; Lady Bird; and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – as well as Animated Feature Film nominee, Coco (available in up to 4K +HDR and highly recommended if your setup for it.)


Pre-order and get $3 movie credit


Pre-order Pitch Perfect 3 (“last call, pitches” – gotta love that tagline) and I, Tonya before they’re out later this week (Thurs and Fri, respectively) and get $3 movie credit when they’re released.


If you know you want either of them, don’t miss out on getting $3 Vudu credit upon their release. Get full details here.


Free Icebergs


If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can still catch Mysteries of the Titanic from The Titanic Channel, available free on Movies On Us. Find out why there were only two bathtubs in third class (hit the showers Jack!), or why the ship had five anchors. Learn all you wanted to know and more for free!



Tessa Thompson is joining the Vudu Viewing Party

Make room on the couch, we’ve got a party crasher



It’s not exactly the apocalypse, but you can still ride along with the Valkyrie. That’s right, the amazing and talented Tessa Thompson will be joining us via Twitter (we WISH it was in person) and getting in on all the fun by answering some of your questions.


You can even start sending in your questions now by tweeting us using #VuduViewingParty.



So if you thought that the Viewing Party couldn’t get any better, you were wrong. But in a good way. So tell your friends that a guest is coming and that they should be sure to RSVP and join us tonight at 6:00 pm (PT).


Get ready, get excited, and get the movie! And don’t forget, if your setup is UHD ready, be sure to watch Thor: Ragnarok today in up to 4K + HDR.



Watch Murder on the Orient Express

Plus, be entered into a drawing for a movie prop prize pack

Don’t miss this gravy train



Agatha Christie fans: We’ve got your ticket for a first-class ride on the Orient Express. Purchase Murder on the Orient Express and be entered into a drawing for a mysterious movie prop prize pack!


Get the movie anytime between now and March 1st, and we’ll throw your name in with all the other suspects…err passengers riding along for the drawing. Don’t worry if you pre-ordered, you’re eligible too. We wouldn’t leave any hardcore fans at the station.


Fans can win one of two prize packs that include replicas of Hercule Poirot’s cane and case, A Tale of Two Cities book prop, blueprints, one perfectly timed four-minute egg (don’t worry it’s rubber), and a copy of the telegraph that led to Mr. Poirot’s journey on the Orient Express.


Full rules here.


All aboard for a killer time


This reimagining of Agatha Christie’s most recognized and prolific mysteries brings together an all-star cast that includes Johnny Depp, Michelle Pheiffer, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, and more.


So get ready for a great ride that steams ahead with an amazing cast, rich visuals, and of course, Mr. Poirot’s peerless mustache.