Order Movies on the Go With the VUDU iPhone App

Continuing with our recent theme of giving our customers more and more convenient ways to discover and purchase movies, the VUDU Movie Catalog application recently appeared on the Apple iPhone App Store.

This application allows any iPhone or iPod touch user to browse or search the VUDU movie catalog and rent or buy movies. It’s perfect for renting an HDX film while you’re out so that it’s ready to watch when you get home or for buying that nostalgic favorite while it’s fresh in your mind.

For now, the VUDU forums will be the best bet for discussing the application and seeking support. Though to be honest, it’s so simple and straightforward, little support should be needed.

Oh yeah, the app is free for anyone to download and check out, but you’ll need a valid VUDU account to actually buy or rent any movies.

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Some Screenshots:

VUDU HD Update 16 January 2009

This week we introduced 9 HDX and 9 HD titles to the service. This is in addition to several dozen new SD titles.

HDX (9):


A couple of notable SD titles (as defined by me) new to the service:

Monty Python’s Life of Brian

VUDU HD Update for the Week Ending 1/9/2009

The first week of 2009 brings with it 15 new HD and 12 new HDX titles to the VUDU service:



Flickr with VUDU labs allows Grandma to see the kids without traveling…

I am so excited.  This Christmas we gave VUDU boxes to my parents, my Mother-in-law, brother and his wife.  

Other than the fact that they too will now be able to enjoy the VUDU entertainment experience, the greatest part is that now Grandma can see the kids grow in nearly real-time.  (We live in Seattle and my family all lives in Colorado.)

Like most people, we take hundreds of digital photos, but again like most, they are largely held hostage in our computer.  Sure, occasionally we email a few out, but most of the time our family complains that they don’t get to see enough of the kids.
Well I am so happy that VUDU has now rescued us from a digital photo mutiny!
How you ask?  Simple.  I opened a Flickr account.  Found a plug-in for iPhoto that allows a one-click export to Flickr and voila, with VUDU Labs now all my family can see our photos the instant they are uploaded to Flickr.  And right on their HDTV’s in the comfort of the living room, versus computer monitor in the back office or spare bedroom…
Don’t get me wrong.  We love movies!  But I think when asked what’s so cool about VUDU, most of my family would answer, “it allows us to stay in touch without the computer layer in between…”
Try it out for yourself.
Look out YouTube, Donnigan family video’s may be next!

VUDU HD Update, Week Ending 12/19/2008

Even as things slow down for the holiday season, we have added a fair number of notable titles with 37 HD and 21 HDX new to the service in the past week:

HDX (21):

HD (37):