New this week: Annihilation, Death Wish, and The Strangers: Prey at Night

Plus, Range 15, Not a War Story, and rent Red Sparrow, Game Night, and more


Get ready for Annihilation


Annihilation is sci-fi at its best – both mind-bending and mind-opening. Directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina), Annihilation is filled with eye-popping visuals and a thoughtfulness and intelligence that stay with you long after the movie is over. Watch it today in up to 4K + HDR. And for you bundle fans, we’ve also got an Annihilation/Arrival bundle that features both movies in up to 4K + HDR.


Also, be sure to enter to win one of five Annihilation prize packs in our Annihilation contest!


Your Death Wish is our command


2018 is the new 1974 and Bruce Willis is the new Charles Bronson (sans the hair). But Death Wish is still the same bad-ass movie it’s always been. Sure the cities and the characters have changed somewhat, but the resulting wanton vigilante justice it serves up is still colder than a winter day (in either NY or Chi-town).


Truth is stranger than fiction


You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth…that The Strangers: Prey at Night is based on true events. Terrible, horrible, true events. You’ve had to wait 10 years for this sequel, but now that your prayers have been answered it’s time to lock yourself in and watch tonight.


New rentals:

Forget Cards Against Humanity, murder is what makes Game Night memorable.


Blondes have more fun, and blondes who become the Red Sparrow have a killer time.


If Early Man is any indicator, the downfall of mankind began a long time ago. Watch it in up to 4K + HDR.


Do you even Range 15, bro?


Like military movies? Like zombie movies? How about a zombie movie that stars actual veterans – including two Medal of Honor recipients – and that was backed by two veteran-run companies? Did we blow your mind yet? Because if not, Range 15 absolutely will.


This black comedy features over 80 veterans, hordes of zombies, and a ton of jokes that you’ll feel like you shouldn’t laugh at but will – and that’s ok.



And if you can’t get enough of Range 15, we highly recommend Not a War Story, the documentary about the making of Range 15. It’s full of insight into why this group of veterans was so committed to making the movie despite not having any movie-making experience.


Both movies are coming in hot and available now. And be sure get your movie buddy in the fight by yelling “fire in the hole” really loud before you hit play.



Free Movies for Friday

It’s Streaming Weekend!


You’ll be spending your cash on cheat meals and parties this weekend, so why not give the bank account a break with some free movies?


On top of that, we’re celebrating Streaming Day with Streaming Weekend. Watch any movie or TV show on Movies On Us and get 20% off your next rental! This weekend only, full details here.



New This Week

Hello? Is it free movies you're looking for? Watch Don't Hang Up for free on Movies On Us.


Don’t Hang Up will have you thinking twice about how you handle prank callers. This one has your number, and your number is up.


Don't keep this to yourself - you can watch The Keeping Room for free on Movies On Us.


The Keeping Room proves that #metoo isn’t a new thing to three young women who are forced to defend themselves and their home from to renegade Union soldiers.


She's a super freaky girl, mostly because she might be a sociopath. Find out when you watch Anna for free on Movies On Us.


In Anna, well, Anna basically goes bananas. Is she or isn’t she a sociopath? The guy hired to tap her memories is about to find out, and he’s going to regret it.


Royals say cheese. It's not a burger, but a meaty documentary on Prince William's wedding


And while everyone is talking about the royal wedding, we are not. Nor are we showing it. But in honor of it, you can watch William and Kate: A Royal Love Story and catch his older brother’s wedding for free.


Not your cup of tea? Check out all our other new movies this week.



I Need an Anti-Hero


So Bonnie Tyler didn’t quite sing about these guys, but given that these anti-heroes are strong and fast, and free (as well as fresh from the fight), maybe she should have.


Some mercs have a mouth, this one has a tank. Watch the cult classic, Tank Girl, for free on Movies On Us.


Before there was the merc with a mouth, there was the girl with a tank – aptly named Tank Girl. She too has moxie and sass and she dishes it out with reckless abandon. Wade would be proud.


It's not a game of Russian Roulette. You can't lose when you watch Revolver for free on Movies On Us.


Guy Ritchie. Jason Statham. Nuff said. If you haven’t seen the fast-talking, action-packed Revolver, you need to. So why not watch it for free?


Don't make no difference to you? It should. Watching Taxi Driver for free is a big deal.


And if you haven’t watched Taxi Driver, you should watch that too. Yeah, we’re talkin’ to you. You’re the only one here, so we must be talkin’ to you. Classic.


Be sure to check out these and all our other free movie collections here.




Vudu Fans Got Talent

Dawg, we picked two winners, dawg


We asked. You showed us. It wasn’t weird. Why would it be weird? But in the end, there could be only two…winners.


There are a lot of wonderfully talented Vudu Fans out there, but in the end, we could only (randomly) choose two. That doesn’t mean the rest of you aren’t amazingly talented, it just means we only had two prize packs to give.


In case you were wondering, our two lucky winners are:


Phil R.

Rachel J.


Congratulations guys, we’ll be reaching out to you separately to send you the prizes.















And if you aren’t Phil or Rachel, and you didn’t win, no worries. The show will go on and we’ll have other contests in the future. And luckily for you, you now know where to find them….