VUDU Gets Rave Review in NYT

Hot off the Web, David Pogue’s latest review of VUDU is just out, check it out here.  Nice to see some appreciation for the experience we’ve worked so hard to create.


  • dogatonic

    May 12, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    Pogue says, “You have to finish a movie 24 hours after starting it, which is ludicrous.”

    And that is exactly why I will never use Vudu. An absolute minimum of 36 hours should be standard. Enough so that if I don’t finish the movie in one evening (I have a job, a wife, a dog and 2 kids) I can finish it the next night. I realize this is not Vudu’s fault, it’s probably a studio problem. Still, I’m astonished that the success of the RedBox $1/day model has not penetrated anywhere else.

    Ideal compromise? $4 for 48 hour rental, and $2 for any 24 hour extension period within 30 days of original rental. You would be getting more of my money per month than I pay Netflix. For now, you get $0 from me.

  • adam

    May 13, 2010 at 10:10 am

    dogatonic —

    You are correct by assuming this issue is caused by the contracts we hold with each of the major motion picture studios. Please understand that the 24-hour window is a standard for all video on-demand providers, not just VUDU. While we are working with the studios to change this, I do not have an ETA as to if or when this will happen.

  • Steve

    October 25, 2010 at 10:31 am

    *****VUDU – October 2010 – R.I..P.*****

    VUDU Review of TRUTH

    Walmart’s purchase of VUDU in Feb 2010 has changed the culture and their lack of attention to the exisiting community has made them irrelevant.

    Walmart has destroyed VUDU. Don’t waste your money on VUDU, do yourself a favor and buy a TIVO XL instead.

    I purchased the VUDU box, and after paying thousands of dollars to program my Crestron to control my VUDU, without any advanced notice the mindless gnomes at VUDU decided to push out a BIOS change that rendered all that Crestron programming and the VUDU USELESS. Even their own controller is so unstable and sluggish it’s become unusable.

    Weeks ago, VUDU promised to roll out a fix, but neither I, nor my home theatre integrator, have seen or heard anything from them.

    I’m now using my TIVO XL to stream movies from Netflix, Amazon, and Blockbuster in 1080P. The TIVO interface keeps improving, does everything VUDU does and MORE.

    VUDU, R.I..P.

  • Don the Tech

    October 30, 2010 at 6:27 am

    I totally disagree with the post above……I do not have a remote control system in my HT, but my VUDU box has been FAR from useless……The embedding on the service into the Boxee box is a great addition….I would like to see them embed into TIVO’s and my favorite, The Popcorn Hour or Popbox…..they have made great improvements to the interface, buffering issues, adding different price points for owning and rentals, and much more……Since I am a collector of classic films, blockbusters, and award winners, I use the to own function more than rental…

    At this time I own more than 160 films via VUDU….I have seen many others that I would like to buy, but are not available in Hi-Def formats….Mainly from the major studios…….The latest Alien Trilogy, Back to the Future series, Lord of the Rings trilogy, etc. would be in my collection right now if they were offered in Hi- Def to own….It makes no sense for me to buy them in SD because I already have them on DVD……..

    I don’t need to have a box that offers OTHER VOD services because they are as restricted by the studios the same as VUDU is, for someone with a HT setup, VUDU is it for now…..My intention is to “keep on truckin” with my VUDU box, until such time as another box has the service embedded in it other than Boxee……