New this week – Wonder Woman (with Extras+), rent Baywatch, free canine companionship, and guess what day it is…

All the world is waiting for you… (to get) Wonder Woman



Today is the day you can discover the mythical island of Themyscira, the Amazon warriors, and of course, Wonder Woman.


This fan favorite addition to the DC Extended Universe is now available to add to your collection. Get it in up to 4K UHD with Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos sound for a truly wondrous experience with richer, more vibrant colors, and deeper, more immersive sound. So don your warrior uniform (hey, sweats have good fighting mobility) and watch instantly on Vudu.


Discover even more on mobile with Extras+



Get the movie and then watch it on your mobile device for the exclusive Extras+ experience. Watch in portrait mode and experience bonuses synced to the movie, movie trivia, a digital comic, and so much more! You can also get behind the camera with Filmmaking & Beyond and discover the Warriors of Wonder Women, see original artwork and storyboards, and much more!


And for the collector, a Walmart exclusive Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD version is also available for just $29.96. It includes a bonus scene not seen in theaters and a wearable tiara. (Wear it on casual Friday!)



Have something different for dinner


Get a different kind of dinner guest with Beatriz at Dinner and It Comes at Night. In a quirky and entertaining critique of our times, Beatriz at Dinner sees Selma Hayek and John Lithgow butt heads over dinner as their differing socio-political backgrounds give each other indigestion.



It Comes at Night is an apocalyptic thriller that follows a family who lets another into their secure home. As you’d predict, things get complicated and trust wanes. Then chaos and terror breaks out… or does it break in?


Beach. Ball.



New comedy duo Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron have their pecs on deck in Baywatch, now available for rent. Get all the campy humor, swimsuits, and slo-mo that made the original TV series a household name starting today.


And because ball is life, you not only play it, you watch it. And now you can rent 2017 NBA Champions: Golden State Warriors and watch their return to the top after a heartbreaking 2016 season. Re-live the entire season, from training camp to their first at home Championship win, with two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry, All-Stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, as well as the 2015 Finals MVP Andre Iguodala.


Free puppies


Well not really, but watching dogs is just as good – at least that’s what we’ve been telling ourselves ever since our mom said no.



So head on over to Movies On Us and check out the true story of a dog that united an Australia mining town with Red Dog; portraits of actors, musicians, authors, and designers and their dogs with My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story (famous people are just like us!); real Scottie dogs from Scotland in The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby; and an animated feature, Jock: The Hero Dog.


FYI – We’re judging you


Especially if you didn’t know that today is Judgement Day, the day when Skynet becomes self-aware and unleashes nuclear annihilation that basically kills mankind. To celebrate this fictional scenario (we hope) we’ve got deals on select Terminator titles during our Judgement Day Sale. Want movies starting at just $4.99? No problemo. We suggest you watch at 2:14 am (ET) and see what happens.