Whether it’s a newly unleashed prehistoric shark, a lone wolf out for blood, or even a romantic rival from half-way around the world, the protagonists in this week’s new releases are in for some unexpected peril.



It’s been 43 years since Jaws first taught us to fear the deep, and we still haven’t learned our lesson about going back in the water.


The Meg, a massive, bloodthirsty shark from before the dawn of humanity, would be more at home in Jurassic Park than Finding Nemo, and it has set its emotionless eyes on Jason Statham in the ultimate battle of surf vs. turf. Choose a side and watch the carnage unfold, in up to 4K + UHD.



Everyone knows dogs are our species’ best, furriest friends (sorry cat fans), but how did we meet our canine companions?


Alpha tells the tale of one early human teen separated from his tribe and one injured wolf left behind by his pack. As the trials of survival form a new bond between boy and beast, the two embark on and adventure filled with thrills for the whole family.



How much would you pay to meet your musical idol? Would you want a refund if they started dating your girlfriend? In a tale of obsession, regret, and fandom in the age of message boards, Juliet, Naked reveals some enlightening truths.





You find out your ex is actually a deep cover super spy under attack from shadowy pursuers, and he hid an important asset in your apartment before the breakup. What do you do? If you answered jet across Europe with your best friend to deliver the package yourself, The Spy Who Dumped Me is right up your alley.



The internet is full of frightening hoaxes, horror stories, and tall tales that make us shut our laptops late at night, but one looms larger than all the rest. Brought to life by fear, Slender Man is a movie monster of our own creation, and he’s ready to meet his makers.



Teen Titans fans have watched them travel through time, dive deep beneath the sea, and circle the globe to protect their allies far and wide. Now it’s time for the true final frontier: Teen Titans GO! to the Movies. Whether they become rising stars or crash down to Earth, the Titans are taking Hollywood and taking kids of all ages along for the ride.