The game is afoot this week, with mysteries involving murder, mayhem, and missing persons. Time to put on your thinking cap and get a clue.



When you fight for the little people, you’re never off the clock. That’s what retired spy Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) has come to learn in his time as a freelance do-gooder, and it’s never been more true than after the mysterious death of one of his few remaining friends.


With skin in the game and nothing to lose, he’ll find that confronting the past may prove to be the only way forward in The Equalizer 2.



Everyone has something they’d rather keep hidden, but in 2018 those things are often hidden in plain sight.


At least, that’s the hope of David Kim (John Cho) as he desperately tries to retrace his missing daughter’s steps from her social media presence. Digital footprints may not be visible, but they can reveal a lot with a little Searching.



We’ve all heard a bump in the night only to convince ourselves it’s only a trick of the imagination, but when people start dropping like flies even the most skeptical mind may reconsider.


Is The Little Stranger a hostile supernatural presence, or the sum effect of one family’s bottled up negative feelings? Watch and discover for yourself.





Jurassic World, eat your heart out. The Meg, 75 feet of shark-flavored nightmare fuel, is the true king of the prehistoric deep, and its back and taking no prisoners. When it comes to Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham), though it may have bitten off more than it can chew.



There are plenty of stories exploring the bond between a boy and his dog, but what about the very first one? In Alpha, one young hunter and one injured wolf must fight to survive the elements, overcome their differences, and ignite a partnership for the ages.