This week’s premiering protagonists are off to unexpected adventures, where the only guarantees are uncertainty and the unknown.



It’s time for humanity to take a walk in someone else’s shoes (or lack thereof).


In the whimsical winter wonderland of Smallfoot, we fleshy pink humanoids are the mythical creature to a tribe of smart and secretive yetis, and our mysterious ways are about to be blown wide open.


With a who’s who of Hollywood voice talent, good-natured goofs galore, and one monster of a story, Smallfoot is the elusive family film that everyone can enjoy.



The world may know her work, but soon they will know her name.


Spurred into writing by her ambitious but controlling husband, Colette’s authorly odyssey will take her from the sunlit salon of her own country home to the celebrated salons of Paris and the hallowed halls of the world’s literary canon, if she can only get the credit for her beloved stories.


Bold, brash, and plucked from history’s headlines, Keira Knightley’s Colette is impossible to ignore.





One mission. One team. Infinite impossibilities. Ethan Hunt and company are back to thwart terrorism, take names, and perform stunts that defy the laws of gravity and common sense.


You can take a home a piece of the action with epic, exclusive Mission: Impossible – Fallout prizes at this Friday’s #VUDUVIEWINGPARTY. Details here.



This nun’s got a lot worse in mind than just slapping your hand with a ruler.


From the people who brought you The Conjuring, The Nun is a terrifying trip to a Catholic school kid’s worst nightmares and beyond.


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