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All work and no play can make anyone get a little bit agitated, or even push two secretive lighthouse keepers to the brink of destruction.

Stranded together by an ominous storm, these two men will find the answers they seek within the walls of The Lighthouse.


A Tyrannosaurus may not be your personal idea of man’s best friend, but for one solitary caveman a friendship with the earth’s most fearsome predator may be the only chance for survival.

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He’s got a dying mother in need, superhuman special skills, and the will to use them for whatever it takes. All he needs is a chance.

Jump into action with the thrill-a-minute futuristic adventure Code 8, and see it now before it’s done with its theatrical run.

We’ve all heard of being dressed to kill, but this murderous dress is taking the expression a little too far.

Witness the heights of luxury and the depths of depravity in the strange and striking In Fabric, if you dare.

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