Which is scarier: rogue an international network of terrorists with nuclear capabilities or one really, really creepy ghost? Whatever your choice (why not both), this week is going to be anything but a snooze-fest.



How do you get more impossible than the betrayals, blacklisting, and desertion of past Mission: Impossible films? Well, you fail. And when Ethan Hunt and his team of expert field agents fail, they fail big. Facing the fallout of a botched mission that could leave the entire world at risk, Hunt and company will need every ounce of impossibleness they can muster to take on new foes, old grudges, and one hell of a mission in Mission: Impossible – Fallout.



But don’t take my word for it. The Vudu HQ team is here with everything you need to know to get hyped up for Mission: Impossible – Fallout, or at least as much of it as can fit in our latest round of Five Word Movie Reviews.



From the people who brought you The Conjuring films, here comes the ghastly ghoul that horror fans have been waiting years to finally face. Scarier than Meryl Streep in Doubt, more powerful than The Flying Nun, The Nun is an ancient evil with souls on the brain. You caught terrifying glimpses of it in The Conjuring 2, but your mortal eyes haven’t witnessed anything yet.





Money may not buy happiness, but when you’re dating Singapore’s most eligible (and wealthy) bachelor, it’s a tough thing not to have. Overbearing parents, untrustworthy family friends, and the whole extended family full of Crazy Rich Asians are ready to put Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) through the ringer.



Everyone knows man’s best friend can bring us shoes, newspapers, and the occasional dead squirrel, but can dogs also fetch us love? A group of LA dog owners is going to find out the ruff way as they speak, shake, and heel their way through the Dog Days.