Jumanji Next Level

The hilarious cast from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is back again for some brand new adventures. Except, this time, the game has changed and anything can happen. Join the game and enjoy the crazy ride that is Jumanji: The Next Level – and get the full-length Get In The Game Mode included as a bonus!

We’ve even got some great tips on creating a family movie night complete with activities, a fun quiz, and everything you need to know about watching with younger viewers.

Richard Jewell Screenshot

This Clint Eastwood directed drama is based on the true story of Richard Jewell, who saved thousands from an exploding bomb at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. When he’s falsely accused of being a terrorist by the press his life is ripped apart. Starring the talented Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates and more, Richard Jewell is a story you don’t want to miss. See why Clint Eastwood was inspired by this story in this exclusive clip:

Black Christmas

This slasher re-make is every college girl’s nightmare. The story follows a group of sorority sisters who soon find out they have a terrifying stalker coming after them. Check out Black Christmas today.


Dark Waters Screenshot

This legal thriller follows a defense attorney, played by Mark Ruffalo, and his arduous journey to expose a long history of environmental pollution by a massive chemical company. Praised by audiences and critics alike, Dark Waters is a must-see for serious drama lovers.

queen and slim

This much talked about drama follows an African American couple who go on the run after their first date goes horribly wrong. Queen & Slim is an unexpected ride you don’t want to miss.

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