New this week: Baywatch and The Lion King, new rentals, and more free anime

On deck: A double dose of pecs, some Puddin, and a king with no worries


Baywatch: Extended, Theatrical, and bundles

Baywatch is available now on Vudu! Extended Edition and exclusive bundle also available!


Sun’s out guns out. Times two. (Or would it be four?) Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron flex their biceps, pecs, and six-packs in this hilarious and self-aware reboot of the TV show that defined the ’90s.


Don’t worry, all the elements are there. And by that, we mean sun, surf, sand, and of course, action and campy jokes. (Ok, and bikinis.) Get the bundle with both the Theatrical and Extended Cut, or be a baller (see what we did there?) and watch it in all its shimmery glory in 4K UHD. If that’s not enough (but wait, there’s more), we have a Vudu exclusive Baywatch (Theatrical) and Pain & Gain (I watch a lot of movies…I know what I’m doing) bundle that’ll pump you up for just $19.99.


DCU: Batman and Harley Quinn

Watch animated film DCU: Batman and Harley Quinn on Vudu today!


If fun in the sun isn’t your thing, then maybe you want to brood in the dark with DCU: Batman and Harley Quinn. This latest animated movie pairs Batman, Nightwing, and Harley Quinn on a road trip to track down Poison Ivy. Pick it up now, same Bat-time, same Bat-place.


The Lion King (The Walt Disney Signature Collection)

Hakuna Matata, Vudu has The Lion King (Walt Disney Signature Edition) available now!


Disney is also delivering a bit of Hakuna Matata this Tuesday with the release of The Lion King (Walt Disney Signature Collection). That’s right, all your favorite friends and songs are back – but who knows for how long. So if you feel the (Disney) love tonight, then pick it up while you can. You know, because Disney Vault and all.


Fast and Factual


Documentary: McLaren

Fulfill your need for speed with McLaren, a new documentary about the founder of the automotive powerhouse.


You (and I) will probably never own a McLaren (fake it till you make it), but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out this fascinating documentary on the man himself, Bruce McLaren. This is a poignant and fascinating look into his life and must watch for any gear head or car aficionado.


Extra anime added. For free.


Free on Movies On Us

Yes you may have more free anime, watch on Movies On Us


We’re adding more free anime! If you didn’t catch it, we just added more Ranma ½ (up to Season 7), more episodes of Naruto Season 1, and soon, the new series Tiger and Bunny (a universe where a city’s superheroes have sold out to corporate sponsorship and prime time TV) all for free.


New to rent


Alien: Covenant; Everything, Everything; How to Be A Latin Lover

Alien: Covenant is now available for rent on Vudu. You can scream now.


I scream, you scream, we all scream…in space (but does anyone hear us?). Alien: Covenant is now available for rent, and it’ll definitely have you screaming. It’s freaky and creepy, and Michael Fassbender does a pretty dope job in dual roles. What dual roles? Watch and find out.


How to Be a Latin Lover teaches you all you need to know, rent it tonight on Vudu.


The drama/romance movie Everything, Everything is also available (a boy meets girl who lives in a bubble – metaphorically and literally – love story). Or have some laughs with How to Be a Latin Lover and get some earnest and well-meaning not-so-pro-tip-pro-tips on being a Don Juan.



THE LION KING, Simba, Rafiki, Sarabi, Mufasa, 1994, (c)Buena Vista Pictures