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1917 follows two British soldiers on the Western Front, who are tasked to deliver message to a regiment of 1,600 men. If they don’t make it in time, the regiment could walk directly into a deadly trap. The soldiers have to risk it all and act quickly, but will they make it in time? This Oscar-winning movie was filmed as a single shot, making for a fully immersive and intense cinematic experience


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We’ve already seen a few iterations of this story on the big screen. But this version of The Grudge is considered more a sidequel, taking place between the 2004 film’s events and its sequels as a parallel story. The story follows a detective investigating the case of a mother who has murdered her family under mysterious circumstances. She soon realizes a sinister demonic force could be involved, and she has to find a way to fight it or risk putting her own family in danger.

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If you enjoyed Parasite, The Witch: Subversion is another notable South Korean flick you can rent today. The story follows a young girl, Ja-yoon, who was discovered living alone in the woods by her adoptive parents. Strange people start appearing in her life and she has no idea why. Her quest to figure it out is fraught with intense danger and turmoil. See why critics have raved about Kim Da-mi’s performance as the young Ja-yoon in this action-packed mystery.

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Curious about Adam Sandler’s noteworthy performance in Uncut Gems? You can rent it now and see why everyone is buzzing about this crime thriller.

A Quiet Place Part 2

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If you’re a horror fan and loved A Quiet Place, you can get $8 towards a movie ticket to A Quiet Place Part 2 when you purchase any of these awesome horror movies.

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