New Releases: Red Sparrow, Early Man, and War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend

Plus, rock out with Steven Tyler and rent Black Panther


In mother Russia, Sparrows don’t spare anyone

Jennifer Lawrence is Red Sparrow. Available now on Vudu!


Red. The color of passion, seduction, and lust. It’s also the color of anger, blood, revenge, and of course, Mother Russia. Throw it all in a blender and you’ve got Red Sparrow, a crazy, sexy, violent thriller that amps up the sexiness to a level that would make an Atomic Blonde blush. Slip into something more…how you say, clandestine, and watch Red Sparrow tonight.


Bonus for Vudu fans, get a sneak peek behind the scenes, here.


Four-legged force multipliers

Available now on Vudu - War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend


You’ve heard the stories – camera mounted Kevlar vests, titanium teeth, and all the special training. But beyond the hype, this is the true story of man’s best friend. War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend is a deeply personal documentary that sheds light on the stories of real special forces soldiers and their K9 companions. Watch tonight and gain a newfound respect for just how far your four-legged friend would go for you.


Rock, paper, bronze

It's time to get Stone Age with Early Man, available now on Vudu.


From the team that brought you Chicken Run, comes something of historic proportion – Early Man. It’s Stone Age vs Bronze Age in this hilarious (and toothy) animated adventure that features the voices of Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki), Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark), and more. Bronze may be for third place, but Early Man is family-friendly gold.


Wakanda. Awesome 100% of the time.

Now available for rent - Black Panther


As far as panthers go, Chadwick Boseman works 100% of the time, every time (unlike some other panthers). Marvel’s Black Panther is truly a marvel and a force to be reckoned with. It’s smart, full of action, humor, and some intriguing social allegories. And it’s a must watch. And a must watch again. Good thing it’s now available for rent.


More movies you shouldn’t miss

No need to Dream On, you can watch Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb now on Vudu.


Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb: Walk this way to the riveting documentary, starring none other than…Steven Tyler. If you don’t want to miss a thing, then don’t miss this.


Watch Monkey King 3 now available on Vudu, it's bananas.


Monkey King 3:  Never heard of the Monkey King? Think Peter Rabbit meets Loki meets Maui, but with kung-fu superpowers. Check out this latest installment of this blockbuster Chinese kung-fu trilogy.


Watch Terminal now on Vudu


Terminal (Still in theaters): A crazy, twisted thriller that pits assassin against assassin in an Atomic Blonde-esque visual style. You had us at Margot Robbie, Simon Pegg, and Mike Myers.


Revenge is now being served up on Vudu.


Revenge (Still in theaters): This revenge thriller is served up cold with extra helpings of brutality and vengeance. People are saying it’s pushing the envelope of the genre; we say it might push you over the edge.



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Photo by Joe Russo/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (5669102cd) Steven Tyler – Aerosmith Out on a Limb Concert Event and Silent Auction, New York, America – 02 May 2016