New releases for the week of Oct 29: CBGB, Earthbound, Bounty Killer, Our Nixon, and much more!

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Alan Rickman stars as legendary NYC club owner Hilly Kristal, who during the 1970’s, wanted to create a venue for country, bluegrass, and blues music (hence the name CBGB). When those acts became difficult to book he shifted the club’s focus to local bands playing original music, launching the careers of Patti Smith, Blondie, The Talking Heads and The Ramones and helped to define New York’s punk scene and the changing face of music.
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At ten years old, Joe Norman is told by his dying father that he is an alien. The young and impressionable Joe believes him whole-heartedly, and grows up to be a die-hard fan boy working in a comic shop. When he falls for down-to-earth Maria, a fellow fan, he is inspired to lead a more normal human social experience. That is, until intergalactic bounty hunters track Joe down at his new office and the couple soon learns the dangerous truth about who Joe really is.
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Bounty Killer
20 years in the future, a special breed of outlaws sets out to exact vengeance from white collar criminals and becomes famous with the have nots.
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Our Nixon
Newly uncovered Super 8 home movies filmed by Richard Nixon’s closet aides – and fellow Watergate conspirators – offer an intimate and surprising new glimpse into his presidency.
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