New releases for the week of 9/10: World War Z, All is Bright, Hammer of the Gods, Love is All You Need and much, much more!

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World War Z Unrated
Former United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is called upon to help stop the chaotic pandemic that has gripped populations around the world. Lane fights to keep his family safe while searching for an answer to the outbreak before it destroys all of civilization.
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All is Bright
Rene (Paul Rudd) and Dennis (Paul Giamatti) prove that Christmas is the season for a good con. A low-level convict, fresh out of prison, misanthropic Dennis is unable to find work because of his shady past. Furthermore, he discovers that his long-time partner in crime, Rene, has begun a relationship with his ex-wife. Despite their growing animosity toward each other, the two decide to pull one last job together – selling Christmas trees in New York City.
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Hammer of the Gods
An epic action movie set in the ancient world of ruthless violence. A dying Viking king (James Cosmo from Game of Thrones) sends his son on a quest to seek the clan’s last hope for stopping an approaching enemy horde.
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Love is all You Need
Phillip (Pierce Brosnan), an Englishman living in Denmark, is a middle-aged widower and estranged single father. Ida (Trine Dyrholm) is a Danish hairdresser who’s just been left by her husband for a younger woman. The fates of these two souls are about to intertwine as they embark for a trip to Italy to attend the wedding of Patrick and Astrid, Phillip’s son and Ida’s daughter. It’s a story about seeking love and having the courage to change our life – even when you think it’s too late.
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