New releases for the week of 5/28: Beautiful Creatures, Identity Thief, Assault On Wall Street, The Sessions, and more!

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Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy lead an all-star cast in this hilarious, unrated version of the comedy blockbuster. Unlimited funds have allowed Diana to live it up on the outskirts of Orlando. There’s only one glitch: she’s financing her shopping sprees with an ID stolen from Sandy Patterson, an accounts rep who lives halfway across the U.S. With only one week to hunt down the con artist before his world implodes the real Sandy Patterson is forced to extreme measures to clear his name.
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Beautiful Creatures
Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich) has had nightmares for months and now his world is shaken up with the arrival of Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert), the owner of gothic Ravenwood Manor.
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Assault on Wall Street
When the economy suddenly crashes, Jim loses his job, home, and wife. Filled with anger and rage, Jim snaps and goes to extreme lengths to see revenge for the life taken from him. Directed by Uwe Boll.
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The Sessions
A 38 year old man who has spent most of his life in an iron lung hires a sexual surrogate to help him lose his virginity in this drama starring Oscar nominated actor, John Hawkes. With the support of an unconventional priest (William H. Macy) and a devoted team of caretakers, the virginal writer hires a sex surrogate (Helen Hunt) who finds her life profoundly transformed by their tender encounters.
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  • melissa howard

    March 15, 2014 at 4:36 am

    Beautiful Creatures and Identity-Thief really entertained me. Watch them its great.