New Release Tuesday: The Adjustment Bureau, The Eagle, Cedar Rapids and More!

This week sees the release of 10 new titles available to view from the comfort of your own home!



The Adjustment Bureau – Matt Damon (The Bourne trilogy) stars in this action thriller about a man who glimpses the future Fate has planned for him – and chooses to fight for his own destiny. Battling the powerful Adjustment Bureau across, under and through the streets of New York, he risks his destined greatness to be with the only woman he’s ever loved (Emily Blunt: The Young Victoria, The Devil Wears Prada). Based on a story by the legendary Philip K. Dick (Total Recall, Minority Report and Blade Runner). Available beginning June 21 to own in SD and rent in SD, HD, and HDX!

The Eagle (Unrated) – From acclaimed director Kevin Macdonald comes a thrilling Unrated version of the adventure that’s even more gripping, gritty, action-packed! In 2nd-Century Britain, celebrated Roman soldier Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum) embarks on a dangerous quest to restore the tarnished reputation of his father and find the golden emblem that disappeared with him and thousands of troops twenty years earlier. But the highlands of Caledonia are a savage wilderness, and Marcus must rely on his embittered slave, Esca (Jamie Bell), to navigate the perilous region. Co-starring Donald Sutherland, it’s a journey that tests the boundaries of loyalty and betrayal, friendship and hatred, deceit and heroism. Available beginning June 21 to own in SD and rent in SD, HD, and HDX 28-days before Netflix!


Cedar Rapids – Ed Helms (The Hangover 1 & 2) and John C. Reilly (Step Brothers) lead an all-star cast in the comedy that shows what can happen…when insurance agents go wild! Shy and naive Tim Lippe (Helms) ventures to the “big city” of Cedar Rapids for a convention and ends up crossing paths with the ultimate party animal (Reilly). Before long, Tim is crashing parties, skinny-dipping in the hotel pool and being seduced by a sexy soccer mom. And if Tim can survive the weekend, he might just change his life forever! Available beginning June 21 to own in SD and rent in SD, HD, and HDX!


Unknown – Dr. Martin Harris awakens after a car accident in Berlin to discover that his wife suddenly doesn’t recognize him and another man has assumed his identity. Ignored by disbelieving authorities and hunted by assassins, he finds himself alone, tired, and on the run. On his own in a strange country, Martin seeks aid from an unlikely and reluctant source as he plunges headlong into a deadly mystery that will force him to question his sanity, his identity, and just how far he’s willing to go to uncover the truth. Available beginning June 21 to own in SD and rent in SD, HD, and HDX!


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    June 27, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    We received a free trial offer with a purchase of a VIZIO TV. What a disappointment! We were pleased with the selections but had to rent the movie twice to watch it due to continuous buffering. We will stay with NET FLIX!

  • adam

    July 5, 2011 at 9:34 am

    Mike — If you’re having issues trying to stream VUDU on your VIZIO TV, please contact our Customer Care team at (888)554-VUDU (8838) for troubleshooting assistance.

  • Don

    July 10, 2011 at 9:47 am

    Strange, I have a VIZIO TV also and I am able to stream movies wireless in HDX, no hiccups…..I run a FIOS connection, however….Mike didn’t say what type of connection he has….