New movies for the new year, including free ones

Pop the cork on some more movies


The end is just beginning

Happy Death Day is like a dark and twisted Groundhog Day. A really, really, dark and twisted version. The producer of Get Out, The Purge, and The Visit bring you this slasher flick that has a college student reliving the day of her murder until she can uncover her killer’s identity. Rewind this thriller tonight and watch as a college student continues to relive the day of her murder until she can uncover her killer’s identity.



And with the extreme winter hitting the East Coast this week, lots of people will probably be building snowmen. But hopefully not like in The Snowman. This suspense piles as high as the snowdrifts as Michael Fassbender stars as a detective whose investigation may snowball into a serial killer case. Don’t be a flake and miss out on this movie.


New rentals


We’re serving up some laughs with a side of social change. Hit the couch and watch the verbal volleys that Emma Stone and Steve Carell lob at each other in Battle of the Sexes. This movie covers the famous 1973 tennis match between women’s champion Billie Jean King and men’s champ Bobby Riggs. And you thought McEnroe had a mouth on him.


Home, home on the range, where the wombat and the wallabies range. Head down to the New Zealand frontier in the drama suspense film The Stolen, and follow a mother across the territories as she tracks her baby and his kidnapper.


Free movies for January


Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in The Last Stand as a small-town sheriff gearing up for a big-time gunfight. This film was overlooked at the box office, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth seeing – especially for free. Watch this ah-mazing Ah-nold-sized action flick on Movies On Us.


And now that it’s 2018, you may want to revisit Daybreakers. Because if this movie is right, next year everyone will be revealed to be a vampire and the rest of us are in trouble. Good thing Ethan Hawke is here to save humanity. It’s an even better thing that we’re here so you can watch this for free on Movies On Us.


You can also check out Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde (Blonde is the new blonde, wait…). She’s on a different coast, but don’t worry, her outfits are still pink. And if you haven’t seen it, step outside of your comfort zone with Man on a Ledge. Watch Sam Worthington escape from prison and steal a $40M diamond to prove that he didn’t steal it the first time.