animated man and dog eating nachos in movie theater

Feeling like going on a fun mystery solving adventure with some familiar characters? Well Jeepers! We’ve got good news. Scoob and the gang are back in an all-new animated style in Scoob!! You’ll be able to watch it this Friday May 15th. To top it off, all of our Scooby-Doo movies are on sale too. We can’t think of a better steal, so see if you can get away with it before those meddling kids get you.

New to Own

The Invisible Man

scared woman holding a knife

Few things are more terrifying than the unknown, and this film takes that universal fear to a whole new level. The Invisible Man tells the story of a woman played by Elisabeth Moss, who believes she is being haunted by her deceased, abusive ex-partner. But it isn’t long before we start to question whether her torment is in her mind, or if something more sinister is going on. Own The Invisible Man today, and come back next week for a fresh take on this psychological thriller along with some exclusive content to boot.

Blindspot: Season 5

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The final season of Blindspot has arrived. See what happened as Jane Doe watched the drone strike on the safe house. Did the team make it out alive? Watch every episode of Blindspot as it becomes available.

New to Rent

Fantasy Island

two scared girls holding bats

A group of guests are invited to a beautiful tropical resort in Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s a place for them to live out their most elaborate fantasies too. So what’s the catch? Solve the island’s mystery – if you can stay alive long enough.


man in black holding remote control device

Rev tells the story of a young guy named Mikey who loves cars. But what he loves more than cars is stealing them, and he’s good at it. When he inevitably gets caught though, he’s forced to go undercover and help the police take down a grand-theft-auto ring led by a terrifying gangster. But in typical movie fashion, it’s not as simple as is it sounds, and things get complicated quickly in this exciting high-speed action flick.

Favorite Franchise Sales

The Hunger Games

woman in purple holding mic up to brown haired girl

Now’s the perfect time to re-live The Hunger Games all over again. Watch Katniss go from volunteering as Tribute all the way to taking down a tyrannical government in this epic 4-part saga.

The Fast and Furious

two men standing in front of cars

If you’re in the mood to watch every crazy high-speed stunt from The Fast and Furious franchise (who wouldn’t?), we’ve got you covered with all the movies on sale. So buckle up and exceed all limits from the comfort of your living room. And if you’re really feeling like a marathon, we’ve got tons more franchise movie favorites to choose from.