Most Wanted

Man wearing sunglasses on poster

Get to the bottom of a gripping conspiracy in Most Wanted. This crime thriller tells the true story of a man who was wrongfully convicted of a crime, ending up with 100-year prison sentence in Thailand. When word gets around, an investigative journalist, played by Josh Hartnett, sets on the twisting path to find the truth about what happened and who is really responsible. This is one intense ride you won’t want to miss.

Deep Blue Sea 3

sharks under water deep blue sea

Face underwater terror in Deep Blue Sea 3. This flick takes us back to to the island of Little Happy, where a team of scientists are studying the impact of climate change on sharks. All is fine and dandy until another group shows up seeking three monster-sized bull sharks. And it’s not long before it becomes clear there is something much more sinister going on in the depths of the ocean.

The Rental

woman standing in front of red light

Prepare for a secluded getaway like no other in The Rental. This horror flick centers on two couples who find the seemingly perfect oceanside house to stay in. The thrills don’t last long though, as they begin suspecting their host might be spying on them in the house. Layers and facades start coming down amongst the old friends, revealing secrets they never expected and forcing them to face ugly, terrifying truths.

You Should Have Left

man standing in front of picture

Craving more secluded house horror? You Should Have Left has all of that and more. The story centers on a writer, played by Kevin Bacon, who moves his family to a remote house in Wales so he can concentrate on working on his next film. (This didn’t work out the best for Jack Nicholson in The Shining, did it?). The family starts to have strange experiences in the odd house, and dark secrets from the past start coming to the surface that threaten to tear them all apart.

Legacy of Lies

man throwing gun

Legacy of Lies brings the action you’ve been craving. This flick centers on an ex MI6 agent who decides to help a journalist solve an old case. Pretty soon he ends up in the crosshairs of Russian intelligence, UK intelligence, and having his daughter held captive. Will he make it out to her before he runs out of time?

New TV

Deadwater Fell

man and woman standing in suburban street

Scotland’s legendary David Tennant stars in the crime mystery Deadwater Fell. The series takes place in a seemingly perfect tight-knit community that is devastated after a deadly house fire, making shocking secrets bubble up to the town’s idyllic surface.