New For Tuesday Aug 18: Blue Ridge, The Silencing, Sputnik and More

Blue Ridge

man and woman standing behind sitting police officers

Small town justice heats up in Blue Ridge. This film surrounds a shocking murder in a sleepy mountain town and its impact on two powerful families who have been feuding for years. Will the new sheriff be able to solve the case before the townspeople take the law in their hands?

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at the mystery of the small town murder in Blue Ridge in this exclusive clip:

The Silencing

man and woman talking outside

A cat-and-mouse game is in the making in The Silencing. The film follows Rayburn, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, a reformed hunter whose daughter disappeared years ago. He lives a life as a recluse on a wild sanctuary when a young girl is suddenly killed – so he does what he knows best and hunts down the killer down before he can take another victim. This is a crime thriller you wont’ want to miss.


two people with red light behind them

Outer space is full of the unknown, but what happens when the unknown comes to Earth? Sputnik explores that terrifying idea as it follows a psychologist tasked with evaluating space crash survivor. It’s not too late before she realizes something is off with the astronaut, making her question whether he brought something otherworldly – and sinister- along with him.


two men standing in front of green pastures

Travel to a small Midwestern town in Irresistible, which is now available to own. This Jon Stewart directed film features the likes of Steve Carell, Rose Byrne, Chris Cooper and more in the story of a retired veteran running for mayor and the polar opposite Democratic strategist helping him. Worlds collide, cultures clash, and laughs are abound in the must-see comedy of the summer.

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