The Tax Collector

man holding gun up standing with two other men

Get ready for the crime thriller of the summer, The Tax Collector. This flick stars Shia LaBeouf, Bobby Soto, and George Lopez in a story about tax collectors who serve a crime lord taking his cuts from local gangs. But when his old rival returns, everything is turned upside down and he’s got to protect what he owns no matter the cost.


woman in woods watching elderly movie

Get ready for a unique twist on the haunted house genre in Relic. This film tells the story of a woman who comes to her elderly mother’s house after her odd disappearance. But the more time that passes, the more she finds signs of her mother’s increasing dementia and realizes there are more sinister forces disturbing the home.

Black Water: Abyss

people underground with flashlights

Get ready for an unexpected creature feature in Black Water: Abyss. This film centers on a group of friends who go exploring cave systems in the forests of Australia. Before they know it, a flood traps them inside the caves and they realize they aren’t alone and have a lot more to survive than they might think.

The King of Staten Island

guy in jean jacket walking kids down the street

Find out what all the buzz is about in The King of Staten Island, which is available to own today. The Judd Apatow flick features Pete Davidson in the role of an immature, carefree guy who’s having some difficulties growing up. But when his mom meets a new man, he’s forced to look at his past and his choices to move forward with himself and everyone he cares about.

The Secret Garden

small girl standing in big garden

Prepare for a magical adventure in The Secret Garden. This film takes place in 1947 England and centers on an orphan who is sent away to live with her uncle. But when she stumbles upon a magical garden in his estate, everything changes in ways she never expected.

Waiting for the Barbarians

group of men standing

Get transported to a different world in Waiting For The Barbarians. The star-studded movie features Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson and takes place on a frontier settlement on the border of an unnamed empire. When a colonel arrives, he must report on activities of the barbarians, conduct intense interrogations, and much more that leads to his loyalty being questioned.


man standing in red hallway

Set out for an adventure in outer space in G-Loc. The sci-fi film takes place in a world where Earth is uninhabitable and the protagonist, Bran, must go to another planet called Rhea. Unfortunately the Rheans aren’t very friendly to humans, and he must team up with a sassy Rhean warrior to tackle the obstacles of getting there.