NEW FOR TUESDAY APR 21: Bad Boys for Life, Like a Boss, The Last Full Measure, and More


Bad Boys for Life

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The bad boys we know and love have come a long way since 1995’s Bad Boys and its sequel, Bad Boys II. Bad Boys for Life brings us everything we enjoyed about the first two movies – action, humor, and undeniable chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. They’re back to playing edgy unconventional cops, but this time with an added layer of depth to their stories and characters. Bad Boys for Life may come 25 years later after the original, but it acknowledges the passage of that time with the humor we know and love, making it a worthy sequel to the massive franchise.

Like a Boss

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Like a Boss is as star-studded as a buddy comedy gets, showcasing the talents of Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, and Salma Hayek. The story centers around two best friends, Haddish and Byrne, whose beauty business is bailed out by the successful Hayek. There are important lessons to be learned about friendship, business, and most importantly of all – what it means to be a boss.

The Last Full Measure

two soldiers in a jungle

The Last Full Measure tells the true story of a Vietnam war hero who saved over sixty men in battle. Thirty-two years later, a man played by Sebastien Stan, looks into getting him a medal of honor. But the deeper he looks into what happened during the battle, the further he falls into the rabbit hole of a conspiracy behind it. Self sacrifice proves to be key in fighting for true justice in the past and present in this moving drama.

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