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You can rent or own this brand new Theater at Home title right at home, while it’s still in theaters. The classic story of Peter Pan gets an unexpected makeover in Wendy. See what happens when a girl finds herself on a mysterious island where she must fight her hardest to keep from growing up and losing the magic of childhood. Benh Zeitlin, director of Beasts of the Southern Wild, re-invents the classic tale with a more messy and even wild air, making the movie more nuanced and suitable for older kids.

New to Own

Extra Ordinary

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Not sure whether you’re in the mood for horror, romance, or comedy? Luckily, Extra Ordinary has a little bit of everything. The movie follows the story of a sweet Irish driving instructor who has to save her daughter from being used in a Satanic pact – and it’s quite the funny, spooky ride.

New to Rent

The Quarry

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The Quarry tells the story of a suspicious drifter who comes to town posing as a preacher. But word travels fast in a small town, and soon the local police chief sets to follow the trail to find out what’s really going on.

Free Movies for the Weekend

Dynamic Duos

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels features the talented Steve Martin and Michael Caine, two savvy guys who are out to settle their rivalry by betting on who will swindle the fortune out of an heiress first.

Double Take

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Double Take gives just the right amount of action and laughs. The story follows an investment banker who is forced to switch identities with a loudmouthed thief when he gets framed in a money-laundering scheme. The two of them couldn’t be any more different from one another, and hilarity ensues as they tackle the journey to make things right.

Intense Crime Dramas

Dead Presidents

a person in white face paint pointing guns and yelling

Before delving into this powerful drama, the Hughes Brother lead up to it with the groundbreaking Menace II Society, a movie that shone a light on the harsh realities of inner city gang violence. They continue that theme in Dead Presidents, which tells the story of a group of veterans who come together to pull off a daring heist.

The Ghost Writer

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Before being haunted by ghosts in Doctor Sleep, Ewan McGregor starred as a ghost writer in Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer. The story follows him as he’s hired to write the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister. But the further he digs into his past, the more dangerous secrets come to the surface.

Judgement Night

two men standing with gun pointed at them

Judgement Night tells the story of four suburban guys who witness a murder in a dangerous Chicago neighborhood – and the killers aren’t letting them get away.