Movies You May Have Missed

Dark Waters

man walking away from house

Unearth the secrets of Dark Waters. This crime thriller is based on the true story of an attorney, played by Mark Ruffalo, who does everything in his power to reveal the truth behind years of environmental pollution caused by a large chemical company. This is one drama you won’t want to miss.

Bride of Chucky

woman talking to doll

Revive the classic spooky doll horror in Bride of Chucky! This time around, Chucky’s partnered up with his beautiful bride, Tiffany, and they both set out on a roadtrip on Route 66 for an over-the-top, murderous adventure together!


man pointing gun at robot

Get ready for a sci-fi adventure in Oblivion. This action flick stars Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman in a story about a drone repairman working on a near-future Earth, who makes a discovery that makes him question everything and even puts the fate of mankind in his hands.

Major Payne

man intimidating soldier

Giddy up and ride into the world of Major Payne! This hilarious comedy stars the talented Damon Wayans in the role of Major Benson Payne, as he leads a group of JROTC students and tries to get them in line. The only problem is they don’t want to listen, or be lead anywhere, and it’s up to Major Payne to set them straight and bring the pain!