Looking Back at Robin Williams’ Most Memorable Roles

There’s no denying it. Robin Williams is one of the most beloved actors of all time, and with good reason. He had the incredible ability to inspire passion and spark joy with unmatched authenticity. His high energy, warm demeanor, and sense of humor made him an unforgettable human being both on-screen and off. So in honor of his birthday this week, we’re looking back and revisiting his most memorable characters.

Good Morning Vietnam

man talking into microphone with headphoens on

Start your day off right with Good Morning Vietnam. This classic stars Robin Williams as a highly energetic disc jockey who’s been brought to Vietnam to raise the spirits of the troops during the war. Although he quickly becomes popular with the audience, in true Robin Williams fashion, it’s not too late before his mouth gets him in trouble with his superiors. This film is one of best examples of how Robin’s energy brings undeniable joy, no matter how dire the circumstances.

Dead Poets Society

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Dead Poets Society shows us the real impact of having a passion for teaching. This Academy Award nominated gem stars Robin Williams, as he takes up teaching English at a strict all-boys boarding school in Vermont. But what sets Robin apart is his approach to teaching and willingness to inspire his students to find a different way of viewing the world. His infamous “O Captain, My Captain” speech still rings with the same fervor as ever, and boy does it make us want to stand up on top of our desks just the same.

Mrs. Doubtfire

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Mrs. Doubtfire is a seriously nostalgic childhood classic. This fun flick follows Robin Williams as he goes through a difficult divorce with his wife and finds out he can only see his children once a week. But when she puts out an ad for a nanny, Robin takes it upon himself to create a whole new persona as a cute, old British nanny so he can spend more time with his children. The talented cast only adds to the joy of this film, and there are plenty of heartwarming moments on top of it too – making it a must-watch for family members big and small.

The Birdcage

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The Birdcage may be a lesser known comedic gem, but is a serious must-watch. This story follows Robin Williams in the role of the drag club owner, Armand, alongside his partner Albert, played by the hilarious Nathan Lane. Everything in their world is fine and dandy until Armand’s son says he’s going to marry a girl from a very conservative family – and sooner or later, these two contrastingly different families will have to meet. Their worlds and traditions come crashing into each other in plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, and the musical element of the movie just makes it a blast all-around.

Patch Adams

doctor and child

Patch Adams is another film that’s sure to warm your heart. The movie stars Robin Williams in the role of a doctor-in-training, who takes up some unorthodox methods when he treats his patients – especially through humor. He’s beloved by his patients, but the medical board has never seen this type of approach, so they challenge him every step of the way. And in an inspiring monologue that brings all of these elements together, Williams shows the importance of treating patience with dignity – no matter where they are with their recovery, no matter whether they never recover. Through this incredible story and Robin William’s impassioned acting, we’re reminded that compassion is essential and the best medicine of all really is laughter.

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