It’s Pi Day

Celebrate with some Pi, or PiE


Today marks the 30th anniversary of Pi Day, the un-official holiday inspired by math, more specifically, the number π. You remember, that number that you learned oh so long ago to help figure out the circumference of a circle.


Don’t remember? Actually, neither do we, except for the fact that π, or 3.14, is the reason that today, March 14th, is Pi Day.


While it’s inspired by math, most people celebrate Pi Day with pie. And since we don’t have anything to do with math or delicious baked goods, we suggest you celebrate with pie the Vudu way – by watching it.



So before the night is over maybe reach for a slice of The Life of Pi. Or, you can have a slice of everyone’s favorite – warm, American Pie. Or get gluttonous with a pie-fest – American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding (hey, there’s a pie on the cover), and both American Pie Presents: Beta House and The Naked Mile.


If you fancy something savory, we’ve also got Pork Pie, an import from across the pond.


You can even get some free pie with Labor Day, where Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet channel Ghost while making some peach pie.


Feel free to serve your Pi Day viewing a la mode.




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