It’s on like Comic-Con

We’re Going, and we’re taking you with us

Well, virtually. We’re going to the pop-culture Holy Land and we’re sharing every step of our trip with you. Go where we go, see what we see, and get a peek at as much exclusive stuff as we can talk, beg, or sneak our way into.


We’ll bring you as much Comic-Con coverage as we possibly can – exhibits, people, and hopefully, even a few panels. We want to bring you all the sights and sounds…without the smells.


But beyond all the experiences, Comic-Con is also about the exclusives – and we’re going to wrangle some of those for you as well! So be sure to follow @VuduFans on Facebook and Twitter, otherwise, you’ll be setting yourself up for another year of Comic-Con FOMO and miss your chance to win all kinds of really, really cool stuff. Like really, really cool stuff. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 


Consider Us your all-access pass


We’re going to post as often as we can so you can share in the Comic-Con experience with us and we’ll have content across all our channels – here’s how to interact with us across all of them.


Our blog – Come here for Comic-Con coverage and recaps, as well as pictures, videos, and hopefully some updates from Hall H panels.


Facebook – Follow us for exclusive Comic-Con giveaways throughout the week. We’ll also be posting pix from the convention center floor, exhibit experiences, and more.


Twitter – Find out what we’re up to and where you can find us if you’re at Comic-Con, also learn about contests and giveaways, and more.




And if you’re at Comic-Con, interact with us using #VuduSDCC2018 – or interact with us even if you’re not.


In the meantime, what would you love to check out if you were at Comic-Con? What panel or exclusive would you wait hours in line for? And just as importantly, got protips on kickass grub spots? Drop us your recs or wish list in the Comment section of our Facebook post.


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