In Memory of John Hughes

John Hughes wrote, directed, and produced movies that influenced a generation. Who could forget the movies:

And my personal favorites:

It just wasn’t his writing and directing but also the deep character development that was his signature. One would think that he wrote a character based on their life and have it unfold on the screen. Anthony Michael Hall cast in Weird Sciencecould have certainly been taken from my high school days.

John Hughes you will be missed but your gift will live on for those lives that you have influenced though the movies.

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  • Ty's Dad

    August 17, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    John Hughes is one of my all time favorite filmmakers. Born in 1968, the 80's spanned my high school and college years. I think no one since Hughes has captured teenagers as effectively as he did. He will be missed, but luckily his films remain classics.