How do you use your VUDU?

If you looked at the collections on the VUDU you probly saw a collection of movies that I watched or have on my wish list. Well a lot of this is due to the powerful search feature that VUDU has. Today I am going to give some examples how I used this feature.

When Shorn introduced me I stated that the VUDU for me was like a time machine. Well that is exactly how I use this feature. When searching for new titles to rent or add to my wish list I use the Explore Catalog / Genre Search. If I am looking for those Saturday afternoon B movies what would be better than searching for genre of “Horror” or “Action” and then filtering on the 1950’s or 60’s release date. Or if I am looking for those college movies I used to watch with my buddies how about a genre of comedy and release date of 1980’s. Doing a quick browse down the list of titles and then add to my wish list.

Its amazing what you can find every week on the VUDU and I can tell you that my wish list now has over 150 moives I want to watch. Now just how to find the time to watch all these movies. Well VUDU and I haven’t figured this out yet but I will tell you I do sneek in a moive now and then when I am supposed to be helping around the house or running chores.

How do you use the VUDU? Why not post it on the VUDU form. I look forward to reading your posts.