Hit a Home Run with These Awesome Baseball Movies

The Sandlot

group of kids standing together

Bring back the fun of summer in The Sandlot. This super nostalgic flick centers on a group of best buddies who bond over playing baseball in their neighborhood sandlot fields. And in between the games, there are plenty of adventures, treehouse sleep-ins, and everything else that makes childhood magical. This is comedic classic is sure to bring the whole family together.

A League Of Their Own

Man and woman in baseball uniforms at baseball game

Batter up with the Peaches in A League of Their Own! This star-studded movie features the likes of Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Rosie O’Donnell, and even Madonna! The story takes place after the second World War, as baseball team owners look for women around the country to replace men in the beloved American sport. Though the journey we find ourselves in Oregon where an alcoholic has-been coach has to bring his team together with the help of a superstar player – so they can all climb to the top of the game. This is one baseball dramedy you won’t want to miss.


man in blue hat playing baseball

Witness baseball history in 42. This inspiring movie centers on the incredible story of Jackie Robinson, and all of the struggles he had to overcome in being the first African-American in Major League Baseball when he was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. This biographical drama is a must-see for every baseball fan.

Field of Dreams

baseball players coming out of corn field

Field of Dreams is an infamous baseball movie. This unique story centers on an Iowa farmer, played by Kevin Costner, who hears a mysterious voice in his corn field. He interprets the strange message to mean that he needs to build a baseball field on his farm, and with the support of his loving wife, decides to do so. Eventually he witnesses the ghosts of infamous baseball players like Shoeless Joe Jackson come through the field and start to play ball. But through it all the farmer has to find out there’s much more going beneath the surface in his field of dreams.

Mr. 3000

man in baseball uniform talking to crowd at stadium

Mr. 3000 is an all-around good time. This comedy stars Bernie Mac in the role of Stan Ross, a big league legend who finds out that three of his 3,000 career hits didn’t actually count. To reclaim his title, the former star decides to get back in the game to prove himself. The only problem? It’s been ten long years since his baseball glory days so things are a little… rusty. See the lengths he’ll go to prove he’s still got it in this fun flick.