Growing Up Isn’t Always Easy – and Other Big Lessons From Disney’s Frozen 2

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Get the popcorn and icy snacks ready because Disney’s Frozen 2 is coming to Family Movie Night. The characters, and their fans, have grown up since the first Frozen, so you’ll find that Frozen 2 deals with more grown up themes and messages directed at a slightly older audience.

Each of the main characters in the movie goes through a moment of doubt and uncertainty when they face major challenges. Their paths to change and growth are often fraught with unease and dangerous situations which may be a little intense for especially younger viewers.

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If your kids are curious about how movies are made, see how Disney magic comes to life in this interview with the animators and this deleted scene.

Change is a huge part of Frozen 2: from small details you might miss, to its representation through symbolism in nature, to the main characters’ journeys to growing up. The story now takes place in the fall when leaves are falling and the world is transforming. We see the representation of water as change that ties the main characters together, and takes us on a journey from their history to the present moment.

Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff each go through their own journey of change in learning what it means to grow up. And in classical Frozen fashion, these journeys are all marked by songs. Learn more about the music in this interview with the filmmakers, and check out this behind-the-scenes look at how the songs for the movie are created.

Doing the Right Thing – Even When it’s Difficult

Elsa’s younger sister, Anna, often brings us lighthearted, naïve moments that make us chuckle. She may not fully understand how the world works just yet, but is always putting her full heart into trying to figure it out. In Frozen 2, Anna comes to a desperate moment where she believes all is lost and she is left all alone in the world. While she is afraid, she also has the maturity and foresight to understand that she must go on. Even if she has to be alone. Even if she’s scared. Even if she’s never done it before. Anna’s also been in the shadow of her sister throughout their journey in both films, and it is here she realizes that she needs to make her own path in life in order to be fulfilled. It is also here that she realizes that doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but you also have a duty to do so. These are all major lessons that come with growing up and Anna truly goes the distance in learning them in the film. Kristoff, her boyfriend, also goes through a similar journey in his own way.

Finding Who You Are – When You’re Alone

Kristoff and Anna have been pretty much attached at the hip since they met. And who can blame them? They’re in love for the first time in their lives after all. In Frozen 2 though, Kristoff faces his own big questions when he finds himself alone in the woods. He’s very much used to following every move Anna makes and coming to her rescue any time she needs him. But in this moment in the movie, Kristoff wonders to himself who he is without her by his side. Who is he, if not her constant savior? Who is he really when he is by himself? He goes as far as calling her his “only landmark,” showing how hard it is for him to feel like a separate person without Anna. It is a lesson that some adults may not even learn for a while, showing a much more layered and grown-up sense of maturity compared to what we saw of Kristoff before. But the character who learns the most about growing up has to be Elsa.  

Going Into the Unknown – to Find Yourself

Elsa learns some of the most important lessons throughout her character journey. Since the very beginning of the movie where she tries to understand what the voice that calls to her means, Elsa is in a constant search to find out who she is. The voice she hears connects her to her identity and what she’s meant to do with her life. It leads her to find out more about her family history, which is another key piece in her identity. Elsa’s widely popular song, Into the Unknown, tells the story about the journey of facing the unknown in life, an important lesson for children and grown-ups alike. Though going into the unknown is frightening and fraught with trials and tribulations, Elsa shows us that knowing yourself and listening to your inner voice take you to where you should be. And that’s more important than anything. Going into the unknown makes us all less fearful and accepting of the only constant thing in life – change.

Anna is endlessly optimistic and bubbly, while Kristoff is a hopeless romantic. Elsa may have magical powers but she’s also incredibly brave. Which Frozen 2 character do you think you are? Take the quiz and find out!

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