4K UHD is the next big thing in movies, offering cutting-edge, hyper-realistic levels of clarity, color, and sound that surpass every previous home-viewing experience (for the full details on what makes 4K UHD so amazing, check out this post).

4K technology is relatively new, so your current devices may not be capable of 4K UHD playback, but that doesn’t mean your movie collection can’t keep up with the times.

Starting now, when you purchase a movie on Vudu you’ll have the option to purchase the 4K UHD version even if your device isn’t 4K UHD compatible.

The 4K UHD purchase includes both HDX and SD quality, so you can watch the appropriate version on all your devices now and have the 4K UHD version ready when you decide to upgrade to a newer device.

Any Vudu-compatible device will autoplay the best quality it can stream, so you don’t need to worry about selecting the best version, but you can manually switch to a lower quality at any time if you prefer. Simply click the quality button at the bottom right corner of your viewing screen at any time to shift down from UHD to HDX or SD quality, or from HDX quality down to SD.

Whether you’re trying to save data at home, dealing with slow Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop, or simply want to seamlessly adjust the quality at any time, the option is always available to switch versions while watching. If you’re ready to switch back to higher quality, just click the button and select HDX or UHD to enjoy the optimal viewing experience for your device.

Be sure to be 4K and future-proof your movie collection by giving yourself self the gift of top-quality movies that are ready to watch with the most cutting edge visual technology available.

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