Eternity is a long time to walk the earth, but when you’re the only thing standing between humanity and ultimate doom your work is never done.

Look into the eyes of evil and prepare for war with the all-out immortal action of The Last Witch Hunter.

Flightplan Movie

It was supposed to be a normal mother-daughter trip, but when the daughter goes missing mid-flight the mother will stop at nothing to find the truth.

Strange things can happen at 40,000 feet, and not all of them go according to the Flightplan.

In a city filled with gangsters, corrupt politicians, and things that go bump in the night, it takes a special kind of hero to keep the citizenry safe and sound.

Head out on patrol and give evil something to be scared off with the one true caped crusader: Batman.

They’re not exactly the real-deal when it comes to monster hunting, but these two charlatans are the best the town has against a true paranormal threat.

When something’s not right in the dead of night (and no real heroes care to help), The Brothers Grimm are on the case.

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