He thought the malevolent magical forces he fought in his youth were a thing of the past, but this immortal warrior is in for a rude awakening.

Steel yourself for the ultimate battle between the forces of good and evil as you journey into the night with The Last Witch Hunter.

When the grown-ups are away, the kids will play, or in this case the kids will use home-made gadgets to defeat a nefarious villain.

The stakes have never been higher for these five friends, but the bad guys are about to learn what happens when you mess with the Adventure Force 5.

In a city where crime never sleeps, neither does the caped crusader who keeps criminals shaking in their boots.

Just when they thought it was safe to start terrorizing the good citizens of Gotham City, Batman Returns.

He may not dress the part of an unstoppable crime-solving genius, but this off-the-wall animal sleuth gets results.

All creatures big and small can rest easy, because Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is on the case.

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