What goes up must come down, but not before this engineer gets to the bottom of a startling mid-flight disappearance on the plane she helped design.

Nothing is as it seems, no one is telling the whole truth, and no one is safe 40,000 feet from the ground in Flightplan.

Standing up for yourself isn’t easy, especially when you’re the new kid in town. Finding out your building’s handyman is actually a secret karate master can help, though.

Watch Daniel-san go from wimpy wallflower to confident crane-kicker in the coming-of-age classic The Karate Kid.

In the 1940s a Chicago record label and its talented roster of black artists burst onto the scene with a string of rock and blues hits that would change American culture forever. These are their stories.

Buckle up for a wild ride-along with some all-time musical greats in Cadillac Records.

Stealing from the mafia is a bad idea. Recruiting unreliable thugs to steal from mobsters who associate with a particularly determined hitman is a VERY bad idea.

The road is long, the stakes are high, and no one’s walking away clean, but no matter what it takes he’s Killing Them Softly.

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