When the corrupt government overlords hide behind puppet leaders and secret police, only a man hidden by a very distinctive mask can set things right.

Remember, remember the 5th of November, and remember to witness the revolutionary fervor of V for Vendetta.

He’s a man on a mission, and just about everyone in the post-apocalyptic badlands wants to see him fail.

Evade capture, restore faith, and keep on moving to a brighter tomorrow with The Book of Eli.

Sometimes in life you have to take a big swing, even if everyone around you thinks you’re subpar.

Part underdog sports story, part romcom, Tin Cup is an underrated ace in the hole that will make you stand up and clap politely.

Blood may run thicker than water, but these three grown daughters’ patience with their sharp-tongued mother is growing thin.

The days are long and hot in August: Osage County, and one family’s grudges, vices, and secrets are about to boil over.

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