The groovy gang of ghoul-catching buddies has gone their separate ways, but an enticing mystery on a mysterious island destination just might be enough to get Mystery, Inc. back in action.

Get a clue with Scooby-Doo: The Movie and enjoy a spooky spectacle filled with hilarious hijinks for the whole family.

To the adults in their coastal town they’re just a bunch of kids, but when those adults go missing it’s time for these adolescent action heroes to gear up and save the day.

Team up for a fun-filled, family-friendly adventure with Vudu’s first original movie Adventure Force 5.

There are secret agents, and then there are secret agents so secret it’s even a secret from themselves.

He may not be trained, he may not be prepared, and he may not be interested, but this sleeper agent slacker is about to be activated and set on a crash course for action in American Ultra.

When the whole world is living by proxy, nothing’s more dangerous than revealing your true self.

Step into a world of remote-controlled androids, mistaken identities, and high-tech murderers who aren’t what they seem in Surrogates.

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