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The ocean is filled with amazing sights, some fun (colorful creatures and buried treasure) and some not so fun (killer sharks and scavenging drug lords).

Into the Blue has all of the above and more, plus a star-studded cast of intrepid adventurers.

20 years of unexplained imprisonment does things to a man, not least of all fills him with white hot rage and an unquenchable thirst for revenge.

No longer a young man, this Oldboy is hitting the streets to show his captors why the caged bird really sings.

School’s out, camp’s in, and the campers and counselors of Camp North Star are out of control!

Get a whole summer’s worth of hijinks, hare-brained schemes, and happy campers with the original Meatballs.

No armor, no shields, no problem. This martial arts master is an undying, impervious force of nature with one goal: protect his ancient secret at all costs.

Watch a Bulletproof Monk and a streetwise hustler teach evildoers some hard truths.

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