Something has gone seriously wrong in this sleepy coastal town, and these five young friends and their homemade gadgets are the only ones who can set it right.

Get a family-friendly helping of action and fun when you check out Vudu’s first original movie Adventure Force 5!

Not everything goes right on the first try, but getting back up again can lead you places you never expected.

Get back in the game with the distressed but determined optimists of the fan favorite rom com Silver Linings Playbook.

Who is the hunter and who is the hunted? And how can you be sure when the roles have begun to switch?

Join a veteran spy for one last winner-take-all mission where allies, enemies, and the truth are never what they appear in Spider in the Web.

You can prepare for it. You can dread it. But when The Perfect Storm finally comes, all you can really do is hang on for dear life.

Get ready for the ultimate oceanic voyage in the danger-filled thriller for the ages.

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