He may not be the nicest, friendliest, or most charismatic superhero around, but don’t tell him we said that.

Hancock is hitting the streets, hitting the bad guys, and then hitting the local dive for happy hour in this off-kilter action comedy.

One federal agent and one political prisoner are teaming up to stop a cataclysmic terrorist attack, whether they like it or not.

Prepare for car chases, shootouts, and all-out action when these gritty good guys lay siege to The Rock.

The father she never knew always seemed beyond her grasp, until she found him grasping some tea and crumpets.

Find out how the other half-lives in the far-flung fish-out-of-water comedy What a Girl Wants.

Western warfare is coming to the land of the rising sun, but the man tasked with bringing it there is having second thoughts.

Experience the drama, romance, and intrigue of restoration era Japan in The Last Samurai.

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