If you thought the center of the earth was the end of the adventure, you’re in for a whole lot of shocking discoveries.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is an out-of-this world adventure with a star-studded cast, larger-than-life monsters, and twists you’ll have to see to believe.

he didn’t choose the whistleblower life, the whistleblower life chose him.

Mistakenly exposed to world-altering secret information, one man will have to risk everything for the truth as an Enemy of the State.

They’re from two different worlds, but that doesn’t mean they can’t team up for a wild roundup of the worst bad guys in the west.

See what happens when cultures, bullets, and fists collide in the kung fu cowboy classic Shanghai Noon.

His blood relatives have had enough of his sour attitude, but this old-timer is about to find a new family (whether he likes it or not).

Watch a community come together and a man learn to love his neighbors in the wild ride that is Gran Torino.

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